Bundesverband Wärmepumpe Now Honorary Sponsor of Chillventa

Commercial, industrial and public investors are increasingly backing the utilization of ambient heat using heat pumps, not least due to the rising prices of crude oil and gas. Chillventa 2008, which takes place for the first time from 15-17 October 2008, makes this growing importance of industrial heat pumps one of its core themes. The Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V. (BWP), the German association, is actively involved as an honorary sponsor of the event. Companies and associations in the heat pump industry present their products and services in the "Industrial Heat Pump Village". The Heat Pump Symposium organized by the Deutscher Kälte- und Klimatechnischer Verein e.V. (DKV) takes place on 14 October, the day before the exhibition.

We spoke to Karl-Heinz Stawiarski, BWP General Manager, about the cooperation between Chillventa 2008 and the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V.

Mr Stawiarski, BWP is now an honorary sponsor of Chillventa 2008. Why is Chillventa 2008 the right event for the industrial heat pump industry? Industrial heat pumps are a special field of activity compared with the classic applications in new and existing single-family houses. The use of industrial heat pumps is a move away from classic mass production towards demanding project business, where we work exclusively with planners and design engineers in terms of both the machinery and the heat source. Especially when it comes to industrial heat pumps, the holistic concept is an essential part of a good system. We would like to specifically approach this clientele of the planners, as we know we will meet this target group at Chillventa 2008.

How will BWP actually be involved in Chillventa 2008? What activities are planned?
We will provide an association stand in the "Industrial Heat Pump Village". I would like to be at the exhibition myself to offer guidance and push contacts for our industry. The association is supported by several of its industrial members, who specifically present equipment for the industrial segment, that is, for apartment complexes, commerce and industry. We will also participate in the event with presentations and projects.

What economic and ecological advantages can be achieved through the use of medium-power to high-power heat pumps?
The possibility of using heat pumps to provide very economical cooling systems via the heat source systems as well as heating makes the spectrum very large. Especially in the industrial and commercial sector, the heat pump is used very frequently for utilizing process waste heat. The advantages of the heat pump are the primary energy on the one hand and CO2 savings on the other. Today we particularly need long-term calculable energy prices. Industrial heating pumps open up enormous potentials, namely through the possible combinations of waste heat utilization, cooling via the heat source and the basically rational energy use of a heat pump in general.

For which users is the use of industrial heat pumps interesting?
The customer focus here is virtually inexhaustible. Let me show a few examples from my industrial practice. All firms – in new and existing buildings – in which waste heat is produced and the possibility exists for using heat for heating or hot water in-house or externally can use heat pumps: metalworking firms, livestock farms, control centres, machine rooms, power stations, commercial distilleries, health spas, hospitals or old people's homes, but also owners of older blocks of flats plagued by heating costs who would like to bring their energy demand under control in the long term.

How is the German heat pump market developing at present? And how is the specific market for industrial heat pumps developing?
The heat pump market in Germany has experienced an enormous demand for some three years and around 50, 000 heat pumps are added every year. This trend is confirmed from Europe; our industry exports the same number of heat pumps again, so the market is also booming here. The more the heat pump is used as common practice in a standard single-family house, the more the fields of application are extended. First the percentage shares for the renovation of existing buildings grow and then the industrial and commercial sector becomes aware in the long term. The industry in Germany has long positioned itself in the portfolio. Today we concentrate our approach on the planning and project consulting offices to give heat pumps substantial importance in large projects. It has long ceased to be a matter of the lowest cost of purchase; today the equipment scores that guarantees calculable costs, cost-effectiveness and reliable service over its entire lifetime.

Symposium on Industrial Heat Pumps
The Symposium on Industrial Heat Pumps will be organized by DKV on 14 October, the day before Chillventa 2008, and deal with the potentials of the industrial use of heat pumps; the symposium celebrated its premiere in Nürnberg in 2007. The topics are the economic and ecological advantages of the use of medium-power and high-power heat pumps. Both the general technical conditions and possible applications and experiences in the planning and use of large heat pumps in industry and commerce will be examined at presentations and panel discussions with experts. The symposium is intended for decision-makers and works managers from industry, commerce and craft trades, building technicians, facility managers and energy and environmental representatives.

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