2008 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc., a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of ball bearings, announced yesterday that the company will be attending the three-day China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (September 23 - 26, 2008).

Since 1990, the China International Bearing Industry Exhibition has become one of the pivotal industry events in the world. Now in 2008, the China International Bearing Industry Exhibition is the largest exhibition for bearings anywhere, boasting over 32,000 sq. meters with an estimated 600 global exhibitors and approximately 80,000 visitors attending.

Management believes this exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity for the company to meet with industry leaders and operators to showcase their products and services. It has become much more than just a large exhibition, it is the main stage for the buying and selling products and services, the exchange of technology, the sharing of ideas, and industry networking.

Golden Horse along with its affiliates and controlled entities is one of the top five manufacturers of steel ball bearings in China. The Company produces over three billion ball bearings annually of various specifications along with its development of over 15 new products, such as stainless steel balls, aluminum balls, and ceramics balls. In addition, the Company continues to export its products to over twenty countries worldwide including the USA, Japan, Brazil, India, and Germany.

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