Dark Exhibitions

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. announced that its new exhibition, Dialog in the Dark, is partnering with Manpower, a world leader in employment services.

Manpower will be the employment partner, handling the hiring, administration and employment of 40 guides who are blind or visually impaired plus other personnel at each of Premier's Dialog in the Dark exhibitions. Manpower will also partner with Premier to elevate diversity awareness and understanding through collaboration with local organizations that support diversity.

Hailed as "the greatest exhibition you'll never see, " Dialog in the Dark takes place in a pitch-black environment where visitors rely on individuals who are blind or visually impaired to lead them through scenes of everyday life. Perceptions are enhanced as visitors experience the paradox of learning to "see" without the use of sight. Dialog in the Dark has hosted sellout crowds in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

In addition to recruitment and hiring, Manpower will assist the candidates in their job search and professional development at the conclusion of each exhibition's engagement.

"There is a perfect synergy between the social mission of Dialog in the Dark and Manpower's longstanding commitment to workforce development, " said Bruce Eskowitz, President and CEO of Premier Exhibitions. "By joining the unique experience of Dialog in the Dark and Manpower's exceptional skills and reputation in the industry, we aim to significantly raise public awareness, while creating a bridge to sustainable employment for individuals with disabilities."

"This partnership is a natural fit for Manpower because it allows us to do what we do best - put people in jobs, " said Jonas Prising, President of Manpower North America. "We look forward to the opportunity to help our clients and associates gain a greater understanding of what it takes to reduce barriers to employment through the Dialog in the Dark experience."

"Dialog in the Dark has employed more than 5, 000 individuals with disabilities throughout the world and has provoked a change in perspectives, challenging our skills and perceptions towards people with disabilities, " said Andreas Heinecke, founder of Dialog in the Dark. "We are thrilled to launch our partnership with Manpower in the U.S. and look forward to significantly impacting employment opportunities for the disabled."

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. is presenting this exhibition through an extensive long-term licensing agreement with the global originator of the exhibition, Andreas Heinecke. Heinecke has overseen the success of this exhibition as it has grown in popularity around the world for the last 10 years. As part of his groundbreaking work, Heinecke was awarded a Fellowship in 2005 by Ashoka, a global organization which recognizes social entrepreneurs who work for change and strive to make a positive social impact through innovative solutions.

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