Nationwide’s Business Services Supplier Awards

The EDM Group, the UK's document management solution provider, today announced that it has won two awards at the annual Nationwide Business Services Supplier awards, which took place Thursday 12th June 2008. The awards were created to mark the achievements of those working in partnership with the Nationwide Building Society. EDM was nominated in two categories and was successful in both, winning first place for Innovation and runner-up in Best Supplier, for providing a consolidated corporate-wide document archive and retrieval solution in line with Nationwide's business deadlines.

EDM designed and supplied Nationwide with a document archive and retrieval solution through its Scan-on-Demand service, as part of a five year contract to manage 2.5 million customer files and over 1 million microfiche in a specialised facility in Wolverhampton. To date, 70,000 boxed customer files, and 19 cabinets of customer data on microfiche have been moved into the EDM Nationwide Archive. From this facility, EDM has serviced an average of 1,700 retrievals per month via EDM online, EDM's secure web hosted service, direct to Nationwide desktops, across 3,000 Nationwide employees. Each month, a further 500,000 images are being scanned and added to the digital archive.

EDM's scan-on-demand document management solution has significantly reduced the time taken to access documents whilst making them readily available to all staff. The service has also delivered improved auditability and control, and brought environmental benefits because courier van journeys have been eliminated.

The Nationwide Awards have been running for 4 years and enable Nationwide to recognise and reward business partnerships in pursuit of mutual aims and continuous improvement.

Chris Shott, Head of Business Logistics, Nationwide, commented: "Our internal feedback revealed that the innovative services EDM has delivered to provide scan-on-demand and online access to customer files have been a great success. EDM deserved to be recognised for its achievements."

An illustrative example of that user feedback said "I was impressed with EDM from the outset. Knowledgeable, approachable and accommodating people to deal with, who went out of their way to address business needs and to keep it simple and understandable… Support after the event … is equally good. And to top it all, the product's usability is first rate and fully matched expectations. I'd recommend EDM to any business."

Sam Ferguson, EDM Group's chief executive, commented: "We're extremely pleased to have been recognised in this way by Nationwide. We see this as an outstanding achievement, highlighting our highly successful partnership with Nationwide."

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