Exhibition Micromachine/MEMS 2008

Exhibition Micromachine / MEMS 2008, the event for the Micro/MEMS & Nano-technologies sector in Japan, will be held at Tokyo International Exhibition Centre (known as Tokyo Big Sight) from 30 July 1 August 2008.

The Exhibition Micromachine / MEMS provides an overview of Micromachine, MEMS, MEMS foundry services, micro-fabrication techniques and modeling software, nano-technology, nanotechmaterials, materials, biotechnology and medical applications, evaluation equipment and MEMS devices.

The MEMS market in Japan is growing at great speed. As the next generation technology, the scope of applications for MEMS devices is expanding, and MEMS technology is receiving increasing attention in multiple industries. According to the Micromachine Center (MMC), the MEMS market was as large as 440 billion yen in 2005, expanding to 1.17 trillion yen by 2010, and expected to expand to 2.4 trillion yen by 2015.

As MEMS technology has started to be utilized practically and to get increasing attention in various industries, the growth of the Exhibition Micromachine / MEMS becomes noticeable. The 2007 exhibition achieved the greatest results so far, with 362 exhibitor and 12,424 visitors; a 16% and 6% increase respectively. As a result of this success, Exhibition Micromachine / MEMS 2008 will be held at West Hall 1 and 2 (17,760sqm), 50% more spacious halls compared to the 2007 fair adding much-needed capacity for the fast-growing event. Many exhibitors from the previous show have already expressed their intentions to participate again in 2008, promising a bright future for further expansion.

What makes the Exhibition Micromachine / MEMS so special among other events are its focus and visitors. The fair is specialized in Micromachine, MEMS and Nano-technology. The visitors to the fair are professional and highly motivated to do business at the fair. According to the visitor questionnaire survey conducted at the 2007 exhibition, the top five industries where visitors are engaged in are electrical & electronics, precision machinery, chemical, information & communication and governmental agency & association. And nearly 40% of the visitors re engaged in Research and Development. So the exhibition provides good opportunities for the exhibitors to discuss and establish business relationship with visitors.

Deputy Manager at EDM Marketing Section, Industrial Automation Machinery Dept. of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Mr. Yasuhiro Hihashi says, "The fair attracts many visitors and attention to MEMS is growing year by year. Especially as the venue changed this year, I could feel that we had a lot more visitors from various industries, government, and academia than before. The visitors to Exhibition Micromachine / MEMS, being mostly professionals in the sector, gave us very specific enquiries. In actual, such enquiries often trigger for the development of new techonologies or the improvement of the existing technologies. So it's no exaggeration to say that we exhibit here to listen to the visitor feedback."

In the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of overseas exhibitors. 14 overseas exhibitors from seven countries and regions took part in the 2007 fair. It is anticipated that the number of overseas participants will continue to increase for 2008.

The exhibition is sponsored by MMC, a non-profit foundation
authorized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Japan. MMC is dedicated to support the establishment of technological basis of future Micromachime / MEMS as well as to support the development of MEMS industries.

The organizer of the exhibition is Mesago Messe Frankfurt Corp., which belongs to Messe Frankfurt group covering around 150 countries with 67 subsidiaries and representative offices. Messe Frankfurt group organizes approximately 120 trade shows worldwide every year. Mesago Messe Frankfurt Corp. has a longexperience in Japanese market since 1987 and enjoys the reputation as one of the leading trade show organizers.

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