Telestone Announces Latest Business Progress in Russia, Middle East

Telestone Technologies Corporation Ltd., a developer and provider of wireless communication coverage solutions based in the People's Republic of China, announced it had participated in two international Telecom exhibitions in Russia and the Middle East in May and made business progress in these areas.

SVYAZ-EXPOCOM exhibition held in Moscow is the most famous and important exhibition in Russia. Through attending this exhibition, Telestone improved brand popularity in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Telestone not only developed a closer relationship with current clients but also explored a bunch of partners, as well as obtained contacts with several large local carriers, which has provided a good foundation for cooperation with local carriers.

During the exhibition, Wang Jianjun, President of Beijing Telestone Communication Technology Corp. Ltd, accepted an interview with IKS, the most famous local communication magazine. IKS released this interview on their website right after the exhibition.

Since 2005, Telestone has started to expand its business into international markets, and has established its first representative office in Vietnam. After that, overseas offices were gradually built in Latin America, South Africa and Russia, and there are plans to establish the European office by the end of 2008.

Mr. Wang commented, "The business from these representative offices account for 10% now, and we believe that the proportion can reach up to 30% in the end of 2008 and 50% in the same time of 2009. I am sure the revenue from the international market will be more than that from the domestic market, and international business will be the most important support to Telestone one day."

Telestone intended to promote the Base Station to the Russian market during this exhibition. Base stations of Telestone are applied to various telecom systems such as GSM, WCDMA, CDMA1X, CDMA-EVDO. In addition, Telestone is also promoting its Passive Products including all types of antennas, power splitters, couplers, filters and so on.

Mr. Wang talked about the promotion plan in the Russian market, "Before entering the market, we had delineated two directions to move forward in. Firstly, through close cooperation with business partners, we gained a arge market share in the Russian market, and we also spent lots of effort promoting our wireless coverage solutions; Secondly, we tried to build good and close relationships with main carriers in Russia, providing advanced products and solutions.

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