Living Trends – For The Adventurous, The Responsible

Fast, loud, exciting, restrained, chic, responsible, superficial, conscious, ecological, with family, friends or alone? How will the modern generation live tomorrow? From 4 to 8 July 2008, a new show, Young Living Trends at Tendence, part of the Decorate Life combined fair, will be devoted to this exciting question. According to Nicolette Naumann, Vice President Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH: "Our living circumstances and, in turn, furnishing styles are constantly changing. Mobile, contemporary living is one of trends we are currently seeing. The Young Living Trends show claims to highlight the different style directions which make up this trend, offering a promising segment of the future for both manufacturers and retailers."

For this, the trend show will be presenting three key types of consumer: "urban nomads", "conscious people" and "party people". German designer, Petra Strickstrock took charge of design development for the trend presentation. The designer subtly converts the various styles into an experiential ambience using furniture, home accessories, wallpaper, music and an unconventional design concept. Media partners Ferdinand Holzmann GmbH, publishers of trade magazine "Möbelkultur", and Messe Frankfurt will be providing industry-specific support.

Urban nomads. Adventure, optimism, networking – urban nomads are the world's winners. At home in their global village, they maintain relationships with like-minded people around the world – in New York, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Buenos Aires.

They enjoy a modern, brand-conscious lifestyle. Indulgence, the avant-garde, individualism and a never-ending passion for all that's new drive urban nomads from one bustling metropolis to the next. Their furnishings are minimalist, urbane and flexible. Mobile furniture suits ever-changing living scenarios. Mementos from distant lands, exquisite design objects and specially chosen home accessories create a distinctive style in any new home.

Conscious people. Nature, the future, responsibility - conscious people know that earth needs to be nurtured. Contemporarily and single-mindedly, they get together with others of the same mindset. Within a modern media network, they re-interpret traditional values such as conscientiousness, friendship and the family.

They buy with their heart not just their head, purchasing products, which not only please them but also match up to their own convictions. Disposable, mass-produced, cheap products are out of the question. Sustainable, organic products are a must. Feel-good purchases, even of mundane products, can flatter the soul.

Naturalness defines the living style of conscious people. The choice of material is based on ecological criteria and socially responsible manufacturing methods. Furnishings are expensive with longevity in mind. Emotional elements meet minimalist forms – the seasons and moods find expression in natural accessories.

Party people. Cliquey, fast and fun – party people know what they want – never to grow up. They move from one trendy bar to the next club in large groups. They come alive during the night and allow their impressions to flow into their creative work during the day. They buy whatever is fun. Today, colourful and kitschy, tomorrow cool and stylish – tastes change in the pulsating rhythm of the techno and house music, which perpetually accompanies them. Whatever happens, it's important to be up there with it. The homes of these trendsetters suit their turbulent lifestyle perfectly. Constantly changing and always ready to welcome a horde of party people for a party or sleepover. Here, a wild style mix somewhere between design object, plastic gadget and souvenir rules.

The trade fairs Tendence Autumn + Winter, Collectione Preview Spring + Summer, together with the new Outdoor Living platform, will be taking place from 4 to 8 July and The Design Annual, the showcase for high-end design from 4 to 7 July, under the title Decorate Life, at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre. The special display area Young Living Trends, which features furniture for a modern, urbane lifestyle, introduces visitors to a new and exciting product segment.

The new Decorate Life combined fair sees itself as a comprehensive event for the entire living and furnishing theme, from furniture, home accessories and home textiles to garden accessories, kitchen and tabletop products and gifts. So, for the first time in July 2008, Decorate Life will be the order event for retail outlets of every type as well as for year-round products. The diversity of themes and product segments, as well as the size of the event, which occupies practically the entire exhibition site, makes Decorate Life an unmissable event for all the retail and manufacturing sectors involved.

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