Wanted? Found! ask-Chillventa

Internet research is now by far the most popular method of preparing for exhibition visits. A practical tool is available for this purpose for visitors to Chillventa Nürnberg 2008, which takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 15-17 October.

As many as 615 exhibiting companies present a total of 693 products for the online launch of this tool at Researching with ask-Chillventa gives users far more than just basic information. All companies display their products in extensive and clearly arranged online presentations in two languages (German and English).

The industry platform provides visitors and potential customers with extensive search functions, product comparisons and detailed information about the companies exhibiting at Chillventa. Users can also easily contact exhibitors direct and keep up to date using the personalized information service. All the functions of ask-Chillventa are available all year round.

Good preparation is the most important part of any exhibition visit. It saves a lot of walking, avoids stress and eases the strain on your budget. This includes knowing in advance what innovations and products each exhibitor will present. The ask-Chillventa platform shows the new products at the exhibition in a constantly updated, clear and time-saving form. The companies' online presentations also contain descriptions of products and services, company profiles, product photos with zoom view and a link to the home pages of the exhibitors. Simple and clear search and filter functions make it easy to process the wanted information.

Direct contact between exhibitors and visitors. Users of ask-Chillventa can make direct contact with exhibitors found on the online industry platform. Visitors can arrange appointments at the exhibition before they leave home or get more information. ask-Chillventa contains all the relevant contact details for this.

Personalized information service: The matching letter. ask-Chillventa makes it easier for exhibition visitors to keep up to date on their industry after the event. By entering their own interests, users can have a personal matching letter generated at regular intervals, which keeps them informed about new products in their fields of interest and other news from the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

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