Geo Summit Latin America 2008

Geo Summit Latin America 2008 (9th Geoinformation International Fair and Congress), which is considered the largest and most complete event in the field of Geotechnology in Latin America, will take place between June 15 and 17 at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, in São Paulo. The event is organized and held by Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado - a joint venture between the largest exhibition organizer in the world and the largest in Latin America. With the participation of approximately 50 exhibitors, which represent more than 100 of Brazil's major brands, Geo Summit Latin America 2008 is a continuation of the GEOBrasil series, which began in 2000.

"As from this edition, our goal is to internationalize the event more and more, reaching visitors from all of South America especially", says José Danghesi, the event's Show Manager. "Besides, the event has become more comprehensive, managers and specialists become technologically updated and do good business", he adds.

For this year, the organizer expects the visit, in the 4,000-square meter exhibition area, approximately 3,600 professionals, who will be able to learn about key innovations and trends, as well as to promote business in the fields of land surveying, cartography, GIS, remote sensing, technical cadastre and GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Compass). About 80 lecturers will participate in conferences and seminars aiming to present the industry's innovations and trends, with priority given to discussions that are crucial for market growth, addressing technologies, policies and strategies.

Targeting the environment, public management, sanitation, telecommunications, power, geomarketing, mining, oil, gas, cadastre, and agribusiness markets, the event aims to gather, integrate and promote business between professionals in the supply chains of the fields of land surveying, geoprocessing, cartography, remote sensing, GPS and GIS and corporate users of these services.

Geo Summit Latin America 2008 offers its target public a series of options by means of simultaneous events connected by IT concepts associated with positioning and geographical analysis attributes. In this fashion, visitors can participate in a wide range of technical activities, visit the exhibition and do good business. Check out:

GEOBRASIL (9th International Geoinformation Congress) - Aimed at professionals that use and generate geoinformation applied generally to infrastructure, environment, agribusiness, public management, technical cadastre, security, business and engineering.

GEO OIL AND GAS (5th International Seminar on Geotechnologies for Oil and Gas) - Focused on professionals in the fields of research, engineering, environment, transportation and distribution of gas, oil and their products, who employ geotechnologies.

GEO TOWNS (3rd International Seminar on Geoinformation for Town Management) - For professionals working in municipalities and institutions that provide services to municipalities, who need geoinformation for projects involving cadastre, land planning, finance, environment, health and education, among other projects.

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