EXPO GPS 2008 - Latin American Localization and Tracking Fair

Extensively used for monitoring cars, trucks, ships, airplanes, prisons and even people, GPS (Global Positioning System) is more and more present in people's lives. Developed and controlled by the United States Department of Defense, GPS may be used by anyone, requiring only a receptor that picks up signals emitted by satellites. To give an idea, there were more than 12 million active devices with GPS in 2006. There is data showing that this market will grow more than twenty-six-fold within the next 4 years, according to ABI Research.

Aware of this reality, Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado - a joint venture between the largest exhibition organizer in the world and the largest in Latin America - will hold the first event in Latin America specifically focused on tracking and localization technologies. It is EXPO GPS 2008 (1st Latin American Localization and Tracking Fair and Congress), which will take place between June 15 and 17 at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, in São Paulo.

"Targeting the land, sea, and air transportation, logistics, insurance, shipping, risk management, security, infrastructure, and mobility industries, the event serves the whole GPS application chain and takes a broad view of the topic", explains José Danghesi, the event's Show Manager.

EXPO GPS was created with the purpose of gathering, integrating and promoting business between professionals in the supply chains of the fields of vehicle tracking and location-based services and corporate users of these services. Approximately 40 lecturers will participate in conferences and seminars aiming to present the industry's innovations and trends, with priority given to discussions that are crucial for market growth, addressing technologies, policies and strategies.

Today, among various market niches, discussions deal with the applications of localization in the field of logistics. That is, how to improve, by means of technical knowledge, the movement of monitored objects with an accurate analysis of the best destinations and scenarios and even the optimization of processes.

In this regard, Expo GPS 2008 emerges as a privileged venue for presenting products, services and corporate applications and at the same time broadens, in a clear and transparent way, the discussion of issues involving mapping, communications and telemetry technologies.

The event is supported by GRISTEC (National Association of Risk Management and Tracking and Monitoring Technology Companies) and NTC & Logística (National Cargo and Logistics Association). The 1st EXPO GPS will take place concurrently with GEO Summit Latin America, which will include the participation of approximately 50 exhibitors representing more than 100 of the major brands of Brazil's Geotechnology market.

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