The Fifth China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Guangzhou

The Fifth China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Guangzhou will be held from 13 to 16 June 2008 at Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre in Guangzhou. This year's fair has the highest level of government support and the greatest numbers of exhibitors and kinds of exhibits, accommodating more than 500 booths. There are over 250 exhibitors participating, coming from China, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and US. With great support from local government and industry associations, the scale of the Fair is expanding further.

The largest ever Panyu Pavilion comprises over 50 reputable companies from the region, demonstrating the strength of "World Jewellery, Manufactured in Panyu. " In addition, the Conghua government is officially taking part in the Fair to promote the area 's diamond processing industries, while Sihui government is encouraging companies to join the Fair to show its superiority as a trading centre for jade. The direct participation of government stabilises the significance of the Fair in China.

Jewellery Fairs Manager (China) of CMP Asia, Sunny Chan, said, "This year, the Fair breaks the record with the most exhibitors participating, thanks to the cooperation of organisers, local government and industry associations. We have the same mission: to construct a comprehensive platform for jewellery products and the raw materials trade.

The Panyu government is giving the greatest of support to the Fair this year and the response of the region 's companies is vigorous. Such prominent companies as Sinoble, Waddy, KTL, Yuanjun, Legend, Luk Fook, Dai Sun, Henry Jewellery and Helix Diamonds will participate, displaying their fine jewellery at the Fair. An-Ge-More, together with some other gemstone companies, will exhibit good-quality loose gemstones at the gemstone pavilion. Besides, the participation of Conghua and Sihui will promote their characteristic jewellery industry to overseas buyers. "

China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Guangzhou keeps abreast of market needs in every improvement in order to create business for the jewellery industry. Mr Chan, said, "Because of the unique potential of Guangzhou, which possesses a rich supply of jewellery raw materials and is recognised as the wholesaling hub for jewellery raw materials in China, the
Fair attaches the same importance to both materials and finished products. Apart from glamorous finished jewellery, diverse raw materials, including diamonds, gemstones, pearls, jade and jadeite, silver, semi-precious stones, synthetic stones and cubic zirconia, will be showcased beneath the same roof in different sections, allowing buyers to purchase efficiently the products they need. "

Another special highlight is the brand new "Baihua Jade Awards " making its debut at the Fair, co-organised by CMP Asia and CNACA Jade Culture Special Committee, aiming to promote the jade industry and explore the talent of jade craftsmen. The activity has received an overwhelming response and there will be over 100 pieces of artistic and precious carving exhibited. Mr Chan said, "The standard of the participating pieces is very high. There is an invaluable piece called "Jadeite Screen, " which is made of eight pieces of high-quality jadeite, more than 100 grains of ruby, 400 grains of diamond and 980 grams of gold. It took more than one year to finish, demonstrating the fine craftsmanship of the artist. It is being showcased at exhibition for the first time and is not for sale. " All pieces will be showcased during the Guangzhou Fair.

Apart from the fabulous products displayed, the organisers will arrange a series of technical seminars. These will be presented with the professional expertise of China Gold Association, Jewellery News Asia Chinese Edition, International Colored Gemstone Association, TTF Studio, Guangdong Provincial Gem & Precious Metal Testing Centre and the Gemological Institute of America. The seminar organised by the Testing Centre will be open to the public, offering everyone a chance to learn about jewellery connoisseurship.

To continue the mission of establishing a high-quality multifunction forum for the international jewellery trade in mainland China, the Fair will again present a factory visit programme for overseas visitors. Jewellery manufacturers in Panyu will introduce overseas visitors to their factories on 16 June 2008. Also, the Conghua visit programme will be arranged on 15 June to allow interested investors to learn more about Conghua 's jewellery industry.

As for visitors, in addition to visitors of two visit programs and regular buyers, currently more than 500 local and overseas buyers from 45 countries and regions have pre-registered to visit the Fair via the Internet and by other means.

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