American Coatings Show 2008: A successful launch!

With over 330 exhibitors and roughly 5,600 trade visitors, the American Coatings Show enjoyed a hugely successful premiere as the new highlight event of the US paint and coatings industry. Held from June 2-5, 2008 at the Charlotte Convention Center, North Carolina, the combined trade show and conference exceeded all expectations right from the start. At the trade show held from June 3-5, 2008, the 332 exhibitors from 14 countries displayed a comprehensive range of products at over 69,000 square feet of space on all aspects of paint and coatings formulation. Companies from abroad accounted for 24 percent of the exhibitors, and in addition to the US, countries represented at the show included China, Germany, India, Canada, South Korea, and Great Britain.

"The overall concept of the American Coatings Show had a very positive outcome. We had a lot of support throughout the entire process, which ultimately resulted in a resounding success, " said J. Andrew Doyle, President of the National Paint & Coatings Association (NPCA), in Washington DC. Juergen Nowak, Publisher, Coatings Division at Vincentz Network (VN), based in Hanover, Germany, agreed wholeheartedly, "Thanks to everyone's tremendous commitment, the American Coatings Show is undoubtedly the US paint and coatings industry's new top event that is not to be missed." Event sponsors NPCA and VN chose NuernbergMesse as their partner for organizing the American Coatings Show. NuernbergMesse also puts together the European Coatings Show and has a US subsidiary based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Featuring more than 70 presentations and other events as well as 750 attendees from 25 countries, the American Coatings Conference, which ran from June 2 to June 4, had more than twice the attendance originally expected. The concept and conference program were jointly developed by NPCA's new Science and Technology Initiative and Vincentz Network. Presentation of the first American Coatings Award during the conference recognized the industry's best contribution. Consisting of a $ 2, 500 cash prize and an attractive sculpture, the award went to James Rawlins and his team from the University of Southern Mississippi. The jury considered their paper "Letting Nature Tackle the Dirty Work: The Future of Coatings Additives" to be especially groundbreaking for the industry.

In addition to the American Coatings Show and Conference, there was additional material offered to exhibitors and trade visitors. ACL American Coatings Literature is a series of new technical books that were introduced for the first time at the Show. Like their European equivalents, they can be obtained in North America from a US distributor. The American Coatings Daily, which appeared daily in a print run of 4, 000 copies, and the Preview issue kept trade visitors up to date throughout the event.

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