The LatinoAméricaFashion Show

The LatinoAméricaFashion Show, the grand showcase for the promotion of cutting-edge Latin fashion, will commence a new stage in its development. IFEMA, the institution that organises SIMM, the Madrid International Fashion Fair, which has promoted the staging of this fashion show since its very beginning at Feria de Madrid, has decided to give the event a significant boost by initiating a new cycle that will bring the show to the American Continent.

Colombia is the country that will host the staging of the next edition of the LatinoAméricaFashion Show. Ifema has reached an agreement with INEXMODA, the institution that promotes ColombiaModa, the most important fashion fair in Latin America, so that the seventh edition of LAF can be staged in Medellín during the course of the next edition of ColombiaModa, which is due to take place on 29th, 30th and 31st July. The fashion show programme will feature the participation of nine of the most prestigious and charismatic designers, professionals who are destined to make this Fashion Show the star attraction within the framework of the activities programme organised at this fair, whilst also marking the Twentieth Anniversary of INEXMODA.

This agreement establishes a new collaborative alliance between SIMM/IFEMA and ColombiaModa/INEXMODA, leaders within the fashion industry in Southern Europe and in Latin America, respectively. This alliance will also be reflected in a series of other initiatives and mutual support schemes. Throughout its staging of LAF, ColombiaModa aims, among other objectives, to open its doors to the entire American Continent, whilst SIMM seeks to ensure a real presence on the Latin American market, in addition to confirming its role as a natural bridge between Europe and the fashion and clothes manufacturing industry on the other side of the Atlantic.

This new stage in the development of LAF, which will kick off with the event in Colombia, will be based on the same philosophy as that of the Fashion Show´s previous six editions, an approach that has endowed it with such considerable prestige. The main sponsor of the LAF programme will be IFEMA, whose support will be provided through the auspices of its fashion fair, SIMM. At LAF/Medellín, Pepe Reblet will continue to be the curator for the project. Furthermore, the technical management team for the Fashion Show will travel to Medellín in order to join forces with the ColombiaModa team and ensure that the best possible image of the LatinoAméricaFashion Show is projected during its itinerant staging throughout the American Continent.

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