Photoimagebrazil 2008

Latin America's main photography and image event, Photoimagebrazil 2008 (International Image Trade Fair), organized by Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado, will be held from August 12 to 15, at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes exhibition center in São Paulo. The 16th edition of this exhibition will bring together the sector's greatest domestic and international names and is expected to draw 30 thousand visitors. CANON, HP, PANASONIC, SONY, SAMSUNG, ROLAND, NORITSU, KODAK, MAXPRINT, MULTILASER and ELGIN are among the 130 plus exhibitors.

The date also celebrates the first year of Photoimagebrazil under the management of Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado, a joint venture formed in 2007 by the world's largest trade fair promoter and the largest one in Latin America.

"We now have even more power to ensure Photoimagebrazil 2008 is a great success. The joining of the two companies both strengthens and adds value to the trade fair market. Thanks to the joint venture, we have reached the mark of more than 500 fairs held around the world", highlights Eduardo Sanovicz, Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado's director of fairs.

This fair has the institutional support of two of the sector's important organizations: ABIMFI - Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Material Fotográfico e de Imagem (Brazilian Association of Photographic and Image-Related Materials) and SEAFESP - Sindicato das Empresas de Artes Fotográficas no Estado de São Paulo (Union of the Photographic Art Companies of the State of São Paulo). The objective is to provide business opportunities for businessmen from Brazil and abroad, as well as upgrading for photography, image and high technology lovers.

The organizer expects negotiations during the fair to grow by 15% relative to the 2007 transactions, which reached R$ 74 million. "This is a date that will help make the sector buoyant, besides revealing the photographic and image market trends to professionals", states Duda Escobar, the Photoimagebrazil 2008 Show Manager.

The event only targets professionals from image market and the like. Entry into the fair is free of charge, but subject to online pre-registration at website or at the fair's main entrance. Attending the talks requires paid registration, either in advance or at the site. Minors under 14 will not be allowed in, even if they are accompanied by adults in charge.

From August 12 to 14, with an agenda filled with domestic and international attractions, the forum brings together professionals from Brazil's 27 states. Talks, panels and a lot of interactivity are the event's recipe for success. The award-winning American photographer Robert Clark (New York) from National Geographic magazine, who over the course of his career has also had his work published in the magazines Time, Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair and in the newspaper Der Spiegel, will open activities on the 12th, with the theme "Photography with no limits or frontiers".

This will be followed by the panel "Art Editors", dealing with the importance of photography for some of the best known magazines in Brazil and abroad, as represented by: Martin Gurfein (Caras/ Caras Noivas), Alceu Nunes (Exame/VIP), Cristiana Veit (National Geographic) and Cláudia Jaime (Vogue). With the right to an international afternoon, Matthew Shirts, Robert Clark and Greg Gibson will chat about the "Profession of Photographer".

On the 13th, in "Wedding from A to Z", Greg Gibson (Washington), a photojournalist who has won two Pulitzer Prizes, talks about his passion for wedding photographs, followed by Vinicius Credídio and Everton Rosa. The immersion in Technology will take place on the 14th, with names of the caliber of journalist Ethevaldo Siqueira, one of Brazil's greatest Information Technology experts, Luiza Trajano, founder and owner of the Magazine Luiza stores, Guilherme Ribenboim (YAHOO! CEO), Galileu Vieira (new technologies manager at Microsoft), Carla Romero, Klaus Mitteldorf and Evan Nisselson (NY, by Video), Bob Wollheim being in charge of the mediation.

On August 15, ABRAFOTO - Associação Brasileira dos Fotógrafos de Publicidade (Brazilian Association of Publicity Photographers) will celebrate its 21st anniversary at Photoimagebrazil 2008, with a show of competence, through its associates' images. Discussing the excellence of photography in publicity and in the editorial arena, 14 professionals will show and comment their work, focusing on the following themes: "from analog to digital", with Márcia Ramalho, Klaus Mitteldorf, Cristiano Mascaro and Tony Genérico, mediated by Cristiano Burmester; "the human body, in fashion and naked" with Gal Oppido and Daniel Klajmic; "the magic of portraits", with Márcio Scavone and Nana Moraes, with the mediation of Irit Tommasini, and "way beyond digital", with Leo Vilela and Gustavo Lacerda, mediated by Henrique Lorca.

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