Wales to Host Prestigious European ICT Conference

The focus on successful approaches to regional economic and social development through ICT will fall upon the positive example of Wales at a pivotal event next month at the European Regional Information Society Association (ERIS@) annual conference at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport on 12th and 13th June 2008. Several hundred senior representatives from regional governments throughout Europe will attend the conference, which highlights, promotes and debates best practice approaches toward investments in technological infrastructure and ICT access for driving regeneration and economic development.

Featuring an exciting speaker programme led by the Welsh Assembly Government's First Minister Rhodri Morgan AM and including important representatives from the European Commission and major governments across Europe, the conference serves as a critical opportunity for developed and emerging European 'regions' to empower themselves as information societies, develop a successful knowledge economy and shape the digital future of Europe.

"This conference crystallises the strategic approach ERIS@ is working to engender throughout Europe's regional governments and in tandem with the EU; our role is to facilitate partnership, providing resources and sharing best practice policy delivery to maximise the potential of ICT as an enabler of economic development and social cohesion, " said Gareth Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of ERIS@. "As well as for its outstanding facilities, Wales has been chosen as our event venue as it is recognised as being a positive example of how a regional government can underpin economic development with investments in frameworks for ICT awareness and infrastructure."

The conference will debate issues of vital concern for Europe and its regions - offering a range of perspectives from regional, national, European and global levels on the opportunities and challenges they face when investing in an information society. These issues include providing the technological infrastructure for businesses to thrive through becoming an eBusiness (eAdoption), protecting advancements and investments in ICT from malicious damage (eCrime) and extending ultra high speed Internet access into all communities (eInclusion).

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