The Stationery Of The Year Award

The Stationery Of The Year Award has been taking place annually inside ISOT (this year, held from July 9-11, 2008 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan), and is celebrating the17th consecutive year. This award is selecting the best stationeries in both function and design viewpoint, and award-winners will enjoy top recognition, publicity and prestige among the industry. Show Management started to accept the entries from March 27, and there are already numbers of products entered to the award. This year too, everyone is eager to witness the BIG HIT from here.

There were total of 112 entries (49 entries for design, 63 entries for function category) last year. Last year's function category award-winner, Max Co., Ltd. says, "This award definitely helped us to find new distributing root. And of course, it boosted our sales a lot!" As the STATIONERY OF THE YEAR Award directly connects to the sales and expansion of distribution root, Show Management is expecting entries more than ever. Do not miss this chance to catch the wave of stationery trend in Japan and the industry, and be the first one to experience the BIG HIT for the coming year!

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