Troux Directions Conferences

Troux Technologies announced the conclusion of two of its most successful conferences to date. The two-fold attendance increases at Federal Troux Directions held this year in Washington, DC and Troux Directions North America held in Austin, Texas are proof of Strategic IT Planning's (SITP) maturation as a distinct component in the science of business decision making and Troux's position as an industry thought leader.

Troux's industry events focused on the evolving role of Enterprise Architecture, and the ability organisations have to unlock the power of enterprise architecture with Troux's Strategic IT Planning software.

At this year's Troux Directions North America, customers attended presentations from experts representing a variety of industries, as well as insightful sessions from the analyst community. Dave Pacheco of The Walt Disney Company discussed ways businesses can use Troux to deliver on short-term goals by delivering measurable value quickly. Michael Winslett, Sr.

IT Manager at AMD, provided case study views into AMD's needs in a variety of IT specialisations and explained how Troux Composer helped the firm deliver on its mandate to innovate. Clay Cipione, the former SVP of Development at America Online and former CIO at AMD, explored the distinct disciplines of EA and the required balance between C-level executives, necessary to bring architecture to life. Gene Leganza, Vice President and Research Director of Forrester Research, outlined the unique opportunities afforded IT to shape innovation in its organisations and become agents of change.

Attendees of Federal Troux Directions learned from presentations by Mark Waugh, of Los Alamos National Laboratory, who discussed the use of SITP across the nuclear weapons complex and Terry Horning, of the Office of Aviation safety, who gave attendees tips on expressing the value of EA as a key component in building efficiency and effective decision making in government operations.

Additionally, Federal Troux Directions participants attended a panel discussion on the future of EA in the federal government with representatives from FEAC, Booz Allen Hamilton, TMI Solutions, SRA International, Project Performance Corporation and Vangent.

Feedback from attendees strongly endorsed both the company's vision as well as its pragmatic approach to addressing strategic IT planning challenges: "Use case examples were outstanding"; "Met many other professionals in a great venue to share experiences"; "Good practical advice"; "Thought provoking and informative".

"The increased interest from our customers is testament to our market-leading products, " said Matt Price, Troux Technologies' VP of worldwide marketing. "We are finally witnessing the growth and maturation of strategic disciplines to significantly accelerate business and IT transformations. The people attending our conferences recognise that this is a pivotal moment in the evolution of Enterprise Architecture, and want to learn all they can."

In addition to these conferences, Troux conducted a Troux "Discovery Day" in Munich with 40 attendees from leading German companies featuring speakers from Fiducia, act! Systems, and the Technical University of Munich.

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