Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

Before CIFF 31 in August, the trend agency Peclers Paris, once again unveils the trends for the spring/summer 2009. We can look forward to a positive summer, where the borderline between retro, past and present is erasing.

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) 31 is held in August and the trend agency Peclers Paris once again predicts the trends for the spring/summer 2009. They have four trends: Tomorrowland, In Process, Powerfull og Electroshock.

Change is the keyword when speaking of trends for next summer, and the opportunity to change, manipulate and improve everything is present. It is no longer taboo to accentuate one's looks as long as you do something about your personal style and stand by it! You have to 'be real' and in return it is allowed to exaggerate, says Trend Manager Ulla Skjødt from the Federation of Danish Textile and Clothing Industries, and continues:

We are moving away from habits and standards to try new ways to be creative. The design process is very important at this moment. It contributes to create a new universe, where the borderlines between retro, past and present is erased. And absurd fantasy is used to counteract the trivial so it is hard to see, what is what.

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