General Aviation: Shop Window For Aircraft For Business, Private

As the most important trade show for general aviation in Central and Eastern Europe the ILA2008 provides a comprehensive review of what is currently available from the manufacturers of aircraft for business, private and sporting use. From 27 May to 1 June the General Aviation Avenue at the western end of the ILA site will again be the international meeting place for the industry. The Cessna partner Air Alliance has already successfully launched such classic aircraft as the Skyhawk, Skylane and Caravan on the market and is now preparing a spectacular debut for two new Cessna models, the C350 and C400, at the ILA.

The very latest in single-engined touring aircraft, their performance and design put them at the top of their particular category. With its light business jet, the Premier 1A, and the workhorses, King Air, Baron and Bonanza, Beechcraft Berlin is presenting some of the best-known names from the Hawker Beechcraft range. Bombardier's display features its top-of-the-range business aircraft, the Global 5000, which is ideally suited for intercontinental flights and offers the highest levels of comfort.

Cirrus has few rivals in the production of innovative touring aircraft, and with its latest models, the SR20 and SR22, this company, which is also actively developing new models, is presenting a complete overview of its entire product range. One of the projects currently under development by Cirrus, "The-Jet", is a single-engined personal jet which is aimed in particular at the "owner/pilot" target group.

Diamond Aircraft is one of the biggest exhibitors in the field of general aviation. Renowned for its innovativeness, this Austrian company is represented by its complete range of products, including the HK36 Super Dimona, a popular sports model, the ultramodern DA50 Super Star touring aircraft, and the twin-engined DA42 TwinStar. The new D-Jet that is currently under development by Diamond is a personal jet that will bring a new dimension to business aviation.

Iren Dornier, grandson of the legendary aviation pioneer Claude Dornier, is presenting a two-seater, multi-purpose amphibian designated the S-Ray 007, which is being built by Dornier Technologie using the latest plastics. Iren Dornier made his name with his circumnavigation of the globe in the historic Do 24 ATT flying boat, and the S-Ray 007 continues his family's tradition of building seaplanes and flying boats. The TBM850 from the EADS subsidiary Socata is at the top end of the performance spectrum for single-engined turboprops, combining the turboprop economy with the performance capabilities of a jet.

After establishing a name for itself around the world as a constructor of aircraft for use on regional services, Brazil's Embraer is now increasingly involved in developing modern business jets. The ECJ135 Legacy that is being exhibited by Embraer in Berlin is one of the world's finest business jets, with all the attributes needed by today's professional business aviation. The name Extra is associated not only with some spectacular aircraft for use in competitive aerobatics in many countries but also with some outstanding one-man touring aircraft. Extra is represented at the ILA by its 200, 330C, 330LC, 300L and 500 models.

FSB is a supplier of Cessna aircraft and is presenting the C400, C172 and C182. For smaller budgets there are light twin-seater prop-driven aircraft such as the FA01 Smaragd and FA03 Smaragd TMG, which are being shown by Fläming Air at the ILA. Grob Aerospace is represented by its professional trainer, the G120, and by an innovative business jet, the G180 SPn Utility Jet, which uses an all-plastic construction. The XL 2 from Liberty is a new, light aircraft for the private user which is making its debut at the ILA. Peak Aerospace is displaying a more affodable version of a legendary fighter, a light UL class aircraft modelled on the Messerschmitt Me 109.

Among the world's best-selling single-engined turboprops, the Pilatus PC-12 is an ideal touring aircraft for the more discerning owner who wants to fly his own plane, as well as meeting the multiple needs of medium-sized companies and serving as a platform for special missions. Among the aircraft from Piper that are making their European debut are the Piper PA-46R-350T Malibu Matrix, the PA-46-500TP Meridian, an especially economical single-engined turboprop, and the six-seater, twin-engined Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V.

Stemme is represented by its S10-VT, S15 and S6-T. The engine manu-facturer Thielert is focusing its efforts on producing diesel-powered units, and is exhibiting three single-engined aircraft that have been converted to use this fuel. The advantages of this form of conversion are reduced consumption, improved flying performance and relatively low fuel costs. The ILA also has plenty to interest anyone with a love of historic aircraft, and many of the exhibitors re showing important aircraft from the past on their stands.

Aircraft owners as well as business and private pilots from all over Europe will again be attending the ILA2008. To enable all general aviation visitors to fly in to the ILA2008 using their own aircraft, the organisers and their partners Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, Schönhagen Airfield and the air traffic control service DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH have made a number of special arrangements. As a result, while the ILA2008 is taking place, the General Aviation Terminal at Schönefeld Airport will be relocated to the southern section of the airport (Ramp 2) and from 21 May to 1 June a time slot allocation system will be operated.

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