China Bottles at The 35th China Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition

China Bottles, Inc., a plastic packaging solution company and plastic bottle production equipment company in the People's Republic of China, today announced the Company will demonstrate their newly developed bottle blowing machine tailored to the pharmaceutical industry in the upcoming 35th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition.

The China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition is organized by the China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment and is a large scale international event, bringing together China's leading participants in the pharmaceutical industry. This exposition provides an international platform for product demonstration and technical exchange with sales contact opportunity.

China Bottles will demonstrate their equipment in action including the automatic rotary bottle blowing machine designed for production of IV bottles which is the first of the kind in China. The Company will also display their automatic 48-cavity injection mold equipment system and their new 32-cavity mold for intravenous tubing connectors, which are anticipated to have expansive market potential with cost less than fifty percent of comparable imported mold.

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