Cannes Water Symposium

The problem of water in the world belongs to everybody. For a long time water has been considered as abundant, it is an essential ressource for man and his environment. Today, drinkable water is today seen as a limited good wich quality is threatened. That's why the city of Cannes welcomes the 10th edition of the Cannes Water Symposium and is becoming for 5 days the world water capital.

Many personalities are awaited. A forum of researchers, political deciders and important companies with over 70 nationalities represented to meet and exchange, to make agreements and sign contracts. International partners as UNESCO, United Nations, etc., support this event.

Given the worldwide dimension of this question, the Symposium offers every year to an invited country, the occasion to present its realizations in the field of water. However, for the 10th edition, the 5 continents will be welcomed as special guests.

Water, blue gold of the 3rd millennium, omnipresent element of our everyday life, is at the heart of sustainable development. Vector of peace in the world, it is also a source of conflicts and major ecological problems in ours societies. The theme of this edition is "Water and City".

Today, almost 80 % people live in little cities or metropoles. The increasing need in water of these growing populations endanger the urban and periurban fragile equilibrium. The adequation of resources with populations needs is at the center of professional preoccupation : captation and water treatment, developmentt of urban space, distribution, network management, risks prevision, health guarantee, water legislation. The question of water in big, middle size or small cities become one of the major preoccupation for today and tomorrow.

Six themes will be broached during conferences, debates and discussion group Management of water resource in the cities; Water and Health; How to control water in the cities; How to develop the city thanks to water; Prevention and management of risks that are link with water in the cities; Water and mondial stakes : Why communicating, How to inform, How to act.

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