LVMH Sponsors Richard Serra Exhibition

Richard Serra is the guest artist for this year's Monumenta exhibition, which runs until June 15, 2008. Each year, the Monumenta series invites a contemporary artist to engage with the monumental nave of the Grand Palais in Paris with a series of new works.

Born in 1939 in San Francisco, Richard Serra studied arts at Yale. To pay for his studies he worked in a steel foundry, an experience that would impact his future creations. A minimalist artist, Richard Serra is known for his imposing metal sculptures, mainly in steel. He works with composition and form, disposing his pieces in space to create a dialogue between his sculptures and the immediate architectural environment.

His new installation at the Grand Palais is called "Promenade", inviting visitors into a steel landscape that is at the same time industrial and poetic, sober and tortured.

As sponsor of the exhibition, LVMH continues a longstanding relationship with Richard Serra. In 2007 the Group made possible a major retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York: "Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years".

In 2004, LVMH headquarters in Paris welcomed a Richard Serra's "Single Double Torus", a spectacular wave of steel and one of the artist's most emblematic works.

The Grand Palais event is the 31st major exhibition sponsored by LVMH in France, underscoring its ongoing commitment to corporate philanthropy in support of culture, national heritage and artistic creativity.

As a major patron of the arts, LVMH encourages a spirit of reciprocity, respect for distinctive identities and cultures, and mutually enriching dialogue between heritage and modernity.

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