Lamiera, The International Showcase Of The Metal Forming Sector

World leader in the production of metal forming machine tools, Italy praises LAMIERA as one of the most qualified international exhibitions of the sector. Its fourteenth edition takes place from 14 to 17 May 2008, in the fairground of Fiera di Bologna. Besides a comprehensive overview of the worldwide offering, the trade show promoted by UCIMUSISTEMI PER PRODURRE, the Italian Machine Tools, Robots and Automation Manufacturers' Association, will present a new version of Lambda, called "RTDI-in-Forming, which intends to point out the close correlation between research, technological development and innovation of the sector.

With this purpose, Lambda highlights the results of the activity carried out by the most qualified European Research Institutes and within European Community projects referred to metal forming machining.

The conference room of Lambda hosts, with a continuous scheduling, the reports proposed by the researchers concerning the studies on themes of absolute interest, such as new materials, ICT applications and New Business Models, by which the enterprises have the opportunity to turn their store of knowledge into a competitive advantage, which can hardly be copied or imitated by their competitors.

These themes can also be directly discussed and examined at the stands of the trade operators who are protagonists of Lambda, attracting, by its new version, the interest of some institutions, among which ITIA-CNR, CRF, MUSP, University of Bologna-DIEM, University of Padua, Institut für Produktionstechnik und Umformmaschinen Darmstadt (Institute for production technology and metal forming machines of Darmstadt), Fraunhofer IWU-Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik Dresden (Fraunhofer IWU Institute for machine tools and metal forming machines of Dresden), European Project of Kobas, to which may also join other EC organizations and mechnological platforms.

Therefore, Lambda offers a precise, detailed framework of the possible development of production systems, which is affected by new technological paradigms, such as multi-functionality, simulation for the setting-up of processes, conformity to safety regulations, environmental bearableness, reliability, precision, process intelligence, new materials, micro-machining, interface ergonomics.

Moreover, design and strategic marketing can be addressed to the combined analysis of product lifecycles, in order to find new, short and long-term (operative and product) opportunities and strategies.

Computer technology allows to process "local" information about the machine tool, to develop systems of achine-operator interaction, diagnostics, safety and prevention, granting the management functions a real-time, constant vision of the status of production system and machines.

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