Powtech, The Trade Fair for Mechanical Processing Technologies

Powtech, the International Trade Fair for Mechanical Processing Technologies and Instrumentation, takes place at the Nürnberg exhibition centre from 30 September to 2 October 2008. The exhibition is the world's technology forum for all applications of powder, granule, bulk solids and nanotechnology. The large 28 % share of international trade visitors underlines the importance of this exhibition for companies in the material conversion industries in all regions of the world.

The fascinating world of powder and bulk solids decisively influences the properties and quality features of a wide range of products. Raw materials and products in the form of particles form the key elements in many sectors of industry: For catalysts, an extremely large specific surface area is necessary to obtain large active areas in the smallest volume, in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals they carry the active ingredients, and in coatings and paints the pigments are responsible for new colour effects.

Almost all foods are based on materials that have undergone mechanical processes in some form or other. Chemicals and plastics production are also inconceivable without source materials, intermediate products or end products in the form of powders, granules and bulk solids. Mechanical processes are used for the production and processing of powders, granules and bulk solids in all these industries and ultramodern particle analysis is used for characterization.

By international comparison, especially European companies are among the outstanding technology leaders in mechanical processing technologies. This pacemaker function of mechanical processes for all segments of the material conversion industries on the one hand and the high concentration of companies that develop and manufacture top technology for mechanical processes in Europe on the other has made POWTECH in Nürnberg Europe's leading exhibition for powder, granule and bulk solids technology, particle analysis and dust explosion protection for many years.

POWTECH – the world's biggest presentation of mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation. Some 750 exhibitors (2007: 714 exhibitors) from more than 22 countries are expected at POWTECH 2008. This makes POWTECH the world's biggest presentation of mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation. Here the particle and process specialists from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, quarrying, earthworks and plastic industries all over the world obtain a compact and comprehensive survey of the current situation in mechanical processing technologies.

POWTECH is known for very efficient and concentrated information exchange between manufacturers and plant operators. The clarity achieved by its concentration of themes is a decisive advantage for visitors. Proof of this exceptional position as technology forum is the number of visitors from 69 countries, which has grown constantly for years. Over 16, 000 trade visitors are expected at POWTECH 2008 in combination with TechnoPharm (2007: 16, 174). Four month before the event, 632* companies or 89 per cent of last year's exhibitors have already registered exceeding the space of last year.

The experiences of past years have shown that long queues can occur at the registration counters, especially during peak visitor times. To avoid this in future, NürnbergMesse has created a perfect round tour for this year: The two central entrances to the exhibition site will be used in 2008 – one via the new CCN Ost congress centre on the eastern part of the site, the second (Eingang Mitte) at the other end of the park, directly opposite the underground. Moving TechnoPharm from halls 11 and 12 to halls 1 and 5 means the halls are arranged in a ring around the park. Hall 5 is the mixed hall, as companies at POWTECH and the parallel TechnoPharm are mixed here.

The allocation has made sure that POWTECH exhibitors with pharma-relevant products are placed in hall 5. The world's leading manufacturers of clean room plant and hygiene process components show their great innovation potential at TechnoPharm. This is the only exhibition for clean room technology, analysis and packaging technology for the production of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, dietary products and health foods that has growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors to show. The six halls together form a perfect round tour for interested visitors and using the two main entrances creates ideal conditions for an effective visit to the exhibitions.

POWTECH's new online platform ask-POWTECH is designed to optimize the supply of information about mechanical processing technologies. NürnbergMesse makes preparing for and following up the exhibition easier with this tailor-made service for visitors, exhibitors and journalists. ask-POWTECH offers extensive search functions, easy contact facilities, product comparisons and detailed information about the exhibitors at POWTECH. Researching with ask-POWTECH provides far more than just basic information. All the companies are profiled in extensive and clearly laid out online presentations, which include descriptions of products and services, corporate profiles in two languages (German and English), product photos with zoom facility and a link to the exhibitor's home page. The platform also offers the possibility of presenting a company and its products in short films and PDFs.

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