The Madrid International Auto Show

The Madrid International Auto Show, which is due to take place between 23rd May and 1st June, will make the general public one of the star attractions at the event. Alongside national and international unveilings presented by the participating makes, the fun dimension of the Show has been boosted with an attractive range of activities designed to seduce both serious motoring amateurs and enthusiasts of all ages.

Thus, the fairground at Feria de Madrid will present numerous attractions, whose final details are currently being decided, including the following: trial circuits; theoretical and practical classes aimed at improving driving skills; training areas aimed at the youngest visitors, based on a series of different children´s traffic parks at the Show; a large Kart Track, organised by the Spanish Royal Motoring Federation, which seeks to offer the public an insight into the world of competition.

These attractions will be complemented by other activities that are to be incorporated into the Show, such as the following: a test area designed to demonstrate driving techniques to the public that reduce the environmental impact of motoring; a four-wheel-drive challenge based on the creation of a spectacular track for testing out different vehicles; and the boxes presented by different vehicle makes, which will enable visitors to discover the pleasure of driving the latest models in a safe and effective manner.

The Show will also pay homage to various bodies that are entrusted with preserving the history of the motor vehicle. On this occasion, four Spanish museums have been chosen to present some of the most interesting models in their collections, including a DODGE DART 270 GL and a Delahaye-1908 AB-40 T-32, among other emblematic models. The Show will also include a Performance Area, where some of the best customised vehicles in the world will be placed on show, all of which will be presented for the first time in Spain. These vehicles have been turned into entirely exclusive creations.

Furthermore, the importance of environmental aspects within the field of motoring will be highlighted in the Ecologic City. This section of the fair will recreate an environmentally-sustainable city, bringing together the latest advances regarding sustainability applied to the motor vehicle and presenting an image of motoring that cuts down on pollution and is healthier for residents. On the streets of this city, which recalls the capital where the Show is being staged, the vehicles are powered by bio-fuels or hydrogen and, among other facilities, the presentation will feature a service station that offers these green fuels, along with a car factory that features a series of advanced environmental infrastructures.

The Environmental Driving School will also seek to promote conservation of the environment by training its participants in various skills, including braking and gear change techniques. Furthermore, the Spanish Association for the Environmental Processing of End-Of-Life Vehicles (SIGRAUTO) will demonstrate how the waste that is generated from cars once their useful life has expired can be turned into reusable materials, thanks to recycling. SIGRAUTO also aims to put visitors to the test by organising a competition in which participants must guess the make and model of a utility car that has been compacted into a cube measuring one square metre so that it can be processed.

The Madrid International Auto Show will thus become a huge theme park devoted to the motor vehicle, where all drivers interested in a new model will be able to discover the latest new ideas relating to design, comfort and technology that the different makes have prepared specially for them, thus helping them to make their purchasing decision whilst they enjoy a fascinating and fun visit with their family and friends.

Furthermore, specialised motorin g journalists will have a complete day set aside for them on Press Day, which will take place on Thursday 22nd May between 9.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. Press Day will bring together more than fifteen presentations, some of them true world unveilings that have been reserved by the makes specially for the Show in Madrid. All this will take place within a context of wide-spread media coverage and in a setting featuring spectacular designs and stand displays. Furthermore, the Show will open its doors exclusively for motoring professionals on Friday 23rd May between 9.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. so that they can attend a series of Specialised Conferences, which will tackle a number of topical questions, such as vehicle navigation systems and sales within the industry, as part of an extensive programme. Professionals will also have a number of activities organised specially for them throughout the course of the Show.

The Show´s intensive leisure and training programme, combined with various unveilings by the vehicle makes, will once again make the Madrid International Auto Show the event of the year in Spain for the motoring industry. In this respect, the Show is designed by and for the public, based on the aim of fostering a passion for cars and driving and that of offering visitors a key overview of this important industry.

Between 23rd May and 1st June, visitors to the fair will play the leading role at the motor industry´s grand event. The Madrid International Auto Show will open its doors to the general public between 23rd May and 1st June, between 11.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m., except for Friday 23rd, when the Show will be open exclusively to professionals between 9.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. Tickets will cost 8 euros between Monday and Friday and 10 euros on the weekend.

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