Beijing International Exhibition

Sciences Corporation, a high tech supplier of systems and sensors for the homeland security market and related industries, today announced the recent introduction of the Company's Quantum Sniffer(TM) QS-B200 Benchtop Explosives Trace Detector (the "QS-B200") at the 4th China International Police Equipment.

Exhibition (the "Exhibition"), held in Beijing April 16-19. The Exhibition, sponsored by the Ministry of Public Safety, was host to over 200 companies from many parts of the world and was attended by security professionals involved in the procurement of safety and security products for law enforcement and public safety.

The Company's QS-B200 uses dual, non-radioactive Ion Mobility Spectrometers ("IMS") to detect and identify minute quantities of most common explosives. The QS-B200 Benchtop incorporates all of the performance advantages of the Company's successful QS-H150 Portable Explosives Detector and adds a positive ion mode for the detection of a wider range of substances.

"This is our most advanced benchtop explosives detection system yet", said Phillip Thomas, President and CEO of Implant Sciences. "We believe there is strong interest for our products in the Chinese transportation security, law enforcement, and public safety market segments. We also plan to aggressively market the QS-B200, along with all our other security products, throughout the Asia Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas."

Jeff Tehan, Director of Product Marketing for Implant Sciences commented, "With well over 300 of our handheld explosives detectors sold into China, the China Police Equipment Exhibition was the perfect venue to formally launch our new QS-B200 benchtop system. This is our second generation benchtop explosives detection system and its added features provide greater performance, higher reliability, and a very low cost of ownership. The QS-200's annual maintenance costs are minimal and consist primarily of normal care and cleaning using common supplies. Calibration is autonomous, continuous, and requires no consumables. Since there are no radioactive materials used in the QS-B200, there are no associated certifications, licenses, inspections, or end-of-life disposal issues. As such, our customers have an outstanding new, cost effective product available to them in support of efforts to improve their overall security profile and meet mission critical objectives."

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