Tech Marketing Consultancy Launches Web 2.0 Marketing Seminar

Technology marketing consultancy firm Quadriga Consulting is launching a series of seminar workshops for marketers focused on Web 2.0 technologies. Quadriga Consulting is regarded as one of the thought-leading proponents of interactive web marketing techniques and has provided consultancy services to companies in the B2B, government and professional services sectors.

According to Jeff Peel, Quadriga's Managing Consultant, "Many clients have asked when we might run a seminar on Web 2.0 Marketing. So here it is. We plan to run a series of full day seminars in several locations across the UK and we're kicking off in Belfast on June 11th.

"Long and short the day will provide a good grounding in the key Web 2.0 marketing concepts. The focus will be on practicality and how-to. The event will be ideal for anyone who wants to use the Web as a key component of interactive marketing communications."

Topics to be covered in the one day seminars will include Blogging and blogging platforms - why they're important for marketing; Web site monetization; RSS: what is it and why is it important? Push tools: eMarketing and CRM; Web 2.0 collaborative tools; Market research in the Web 2.0 era; Video streaming the easy way; Widgets and why they are the new black; Search Engine Optimisation; Public Relations in the Web 2.0 era and ePR/newswires; Social media and micro-blogging; Building a Web 2.0 Strategy.

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