CAYIN Technology Enhances Presence at Digital Signage Expo 2008

At the Digital Signage Expo 2008, held at Messe Essen in Essen, Germany from May 6th to 8th, CAYIN Technology will demonstrate its sophisticated digital signage solution, including compact media players, powerful central management server, and, furthermore, the professional remote management software, Super Monitor and Super Reporter, especially for larger-scale deployment of the rising out-of-home digital media.

CAYIN Technology considers Europe to be an important market. Digital Signage Expo 2008 is the first Pan-European trade show exclusively focused around Digital Signage, so CAYIN not only actively participates in this exhibition (stand 11C.06) to promote its complete digital signage solution, but also keeps enhancing its presence in Europe.

At Digital Signage Expo 2008, CAYIN will demonstrate the latest zone-type (SMP-PRO3) and web-based (SMP-WEBPLUS) digital signage player. In addition to offering digital signage products, CAYIN also participates in the rollout and management of digital signage projects. We understand the intense needs of monitoring and managing larger-scale digital signage network. So, we would especially recommend our powerful management software: Super Monitor and Super Reporter.

Super Monitor, the Windows -based package software, assists administrators to monitor and manage multiple CMS servers and SMP media players by simply clicking, selecting, and drag-n-drop. With Super Monitor, administrators can easily move a SMP player to a different group or a different CMS server by simple drag-n-drop. They can also configure settings of each media player or server in Super Monitor without entering each machine's user interface one by one.

Super Monitor is a handy tool for administrators to monitor the live status of the digital signage network. They can monitor the live playback status of each media player by checking the current playlist and a preview of screen. In addition, they can receive a notification by Email whenever the status of the media player is changed.

Super Reporter is convenient management software for answering the strong demands of the main-stream commercialized applications of digital signage, especially for advertising purposes. It helps administrators to easily collect multimedia playback information and generate log records. Super Reporter further assists to conduct advance statistical analysis and generate reliable statements. To bill your advertisement sponsors or agents with professional reports, Super Reporter is a must have!

SMP-PRO3 supports various combinations of multimedia presentations, such as video, image slide show, ticker, clock and date. Users can create their own skins in five minutes with CAYIN's Skin Editor, an intuitive, simple drag-n-drop tool. SMP-PRO3 can also play real-time video by connecting to a TV tuner, DVD player, camera, etc. In this new version, SMP-PRO3 creates the Wizard Mode for users to easily configure settings step by step. It also adds more text scrolling effects and includes more stylish clocks for you to choose.

SMP-WEBPLUS supports most popular web languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, DHTML, CSS, etc., and most popular image file formats, audio/video codec, and, furthermore, HD (High Definition) videos. In addition to video, images, animations, and texts, SMP-WEBPLUS can easily extend to provide interactive services incorporating with external devices such as touch screen. Users can also choose to rotate the multimedia content clockwise or counter clockwise to display both portrait and landscape presentations. SMP-WEBPLUS is the best platform for those applications which require presenting advanced and interactive multimedia contents.

At Digital Signage Expo 2008, CAYIN Technology will showcase the complete digital signage solution, including digital signage player, content management server, and the most useful management software, Super Reporter and Super Monitor. We invite you to come to visit us (Stand 11C.06). You will have the opportunity to see all the possibilities of the digital signage platform.

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