The Orbit-iEX 2008 Trade Fair

From 20 to 23 May 2008, the largest Swiss IT trade fair will open its doors at the Zurich Exhibition Centre. The exhibition company got the ball rolling quite a while ago and preparations are now in full swing. With an improved concept, the Orbit-iEX will once again showcase all branches of the IT industry in 2008.

Early figures look promising: by the end of October, more than 100 exhibitors had already registered - a figure that was only reached one month later for last year's event. Most importantly, there is an increasing trend of prominent exhibitors who keep returning to the Orbit-iEX, the latest example being Cablecom.

Following the drop in visitor numbers last year, the trade fair management has adapted its concept to meet the current challenges. The stated objective is to increase visitor numbers to well over 20, 000 in the medium term. The quality of visitors, which has been excellent for many years, should also be increased even further.

The Orbit-iEX will continue to be positioned as a B2B trade fair. Due to the great importance of IT solutions, the Orbit-iEX is fundamentally relevant to all companies and in future, the SME market will receive more attention. In terms of content, the trade fair management will continue to focus on the well-received segmentation into 'Business Software', 'IT Services & Consulting', 'Online Marketing & Advertising', 'E-Business & Internet & Websites', 'Hardware & Office Equipment', 'Communication & Mobile Computing', 'Networks' and 'Security'.

One of the main improvements is the new cooperation with many different associations within the Swiss industry. The Orbit-iEX needs to become a 'must attend event' for more SMEs, because efficiency and profitability are key terms in every company and can be optimised by using the right tools. This includes a certain demystification of IT jargon so that the SME decision makers can determine the best solution for their companies, even without IT know-how.

This is where our cooperation with the Bern-based experts, Dr. Sieber & Partners, comes in. They make complex IT terms understandable to everyone. Based on check lists using comprehensible language, companies can quickly ascertain their IT requirements and the most suitable solutions.

The new 'matching' system will also increase the benefit of the Orbit-iEX to visitors and exhibitors. Visitors are looking for specific solutions that are tailored to the particular requirements of their industry. Exhibitors present their specific solutions broken down into the respective industries. An intelligent database solution now brings these specific requirements together quickly and accurately.

Just like last year, important media partners who reflect the business focus of the trade fair will support the Orbit-iEX. Moreover, promising negotiations are currently underway for cooperation with other large media companies in order to give the Orbit-iEX additional media coverage.

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