BeautyPro'08 is the greatest-ever professional exhibition to be held in Israel. BeautyPro '08 exhibition will take place on the 26-27 of May 2008 (Monday & Tuesday) at the Tel Aviv Conference Center ("Ganei Hata'arucha") - pavilion 10. BeautyPro '08 will offer a wealth of innovative, fashionable and future trends of the beauty industry in the domains of Hair, Make-Up, Nails, Cosmetics, Spa, Tanning & Accessories. This specially combined exhibition, show and seminar, is earmarked for the professional crowd only, which will get an opportunity to personally meet the presenters at the show.

BeautyPro'08 offers two days of highly intensive, pleasurable and exciting business and professional encounters. Approximately 5000 professionals from all beauty domains are expected to visit the exhibition. The exhibition is will include a variety of local and international companies importing & marketing Hair Products, Make-up, Nails, Cosmetics, Spa, Tanning & accessories: Beauty & hair design equipment, furniture and working-tools for beauty-saloons. Also, hair-pieces, hair-additions, and hair-extensions companies, hair-care institutions and specialists, importers of Japanese-straightening techniques, hair-design schools, make-up artists & make-up schools, importers and manufacturers of make-up appliances and products, pedicure, manicure, artificial-nails, professional literature and much more.

Taking part in a professional show is not just another marketing technique; it is the highlight of positive marketing activity, targeting all customers' senses. The "Point of Power" of the presenter at the exhibition is the experiential domain to which many visitors are exposed; visitors will carry in their memory the encounters with your business for a long time.

The exhibition experience is mainly intended to spread messages, maintaining brand-name values, strengthening the image of the presenting company and utilizing all existent media while at the same time directly engaging the customer's emotions and senses. Your participation in the BeautyPro '08 Exhibition will enable you to convey to the visitors the image message of your company while exposing new collections.

Research studies carried out in Central Europe clearly indicate that participating in exhibitions combining presentations, professional lectures and seminars for a professional audience are the preferred option of commercial companies, businesses, professionals and buyers.

Research-findings of studies carried out among presenters and visitors reveal the following: 79% prefer face to face encounters, 74% prefer to receive and give information at exhibits -65% prefer direct mail, 59% prefer the electronic media, 55% prefer presentations and 42% prefer public relations while only 41% prefer to advertise in the newspapers.

The conclusion following the research is that the "Life-experience" of meeting people face to face is the most sought-after and in the present era advanced businesses use exhibitions and conferences for the purpose of transmitting marketing messages.

It is well known that many businesses in the beauty domain do not succeed in reaching, influencing, marketing, and selling to many of their major clients. A professional show enables the ultimate utilization of the sales promotion potential, as well as the marketing and the presentation of professional images in the beauty domain. In view of the highly developed competition in this branch, it is most important to hold a big professional show which would promote the domain and strengthen the position of all those involved in the field.

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