Safety & Health Expo 2008

Ever heard the phase "it's health and safety gone mad"? Are you sick and tired of unnecessary bans destroying the perception of the health and safety industry? The health and safety industry regularly takes a beating in the press for banning traditional events and getting in the way of people going about their daily lives.

This year Safety & Health Expo 2008 is launching a new feature area, called "Myths and Realities" that will challenge the "ban it" perception of the health and safety industry. Safety & Health Expo, which takes place from 13-15 May 2008 at the NEC, Birmingham, will be the place for those interested in occupational health and safety to learn more about what risk assessment really means.

Within the Myths and Realities area visitors will be able to discover the difference between assessing risk sensibly and responsibly; and indiscriminately banning activities, eliminating risk altogether.

The area will feature a climbing wall supplied by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) that visitors can scale* and a "fact or fiction" quiz to find out which everyday activities have or have not been banned. There will also be a driving simulator where visitors can see how well they perform whilst contending with daily distractions.

Ray Hurst, President of IOSH comments, "We do not believe in extremist health and safety ideas that keep people wrapped in cotton wool. It's all about enjoying life and assessing risks sensibly and responsibly. I'm fed up of hearing about poor decisions that bring health and safety unjustifiably into disrepute."

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