Off Portal Personalization is Key to Mobile Internet Growth

Speaking at the 2008 Mobile Internet Conference in Berlin, Professor Barry Smyth, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder of leading mobile personalization company ChangingWorlds, described the necessity of intelligent off portal personalization to ensure the success of the Mobile Internet.

According to Prof. Smyth, "As in the case of 'on-portal' browsing, the promise of open internet browsing on the mobile device, with restricted user interface and limited screen size, also presents significant content discovery and usability challenges for end-users. Off Portal Personalization, that takes account of a users' context, behaviour and content interests, is essential to enhance usability of the Mobile Internet and to ensure the uptake of Mobile Internet data services."

Throughout his presentation Prof. Smyth concentrated on the challenge of mobile content discovery on the Mobile Internet and the importance of using a highly advanced personalization and mobile subscriber intelligence solution to drive Mobile Internet usage and revenues. Drawing on ChangingWorlds' expertise in this area, Prof. Smyth described how in-depth subscriber intelligence and real, granular personalization is essential in order to deliver Mobile Internet content that is relevant and that closely corresponds with an individual's context and interests.

Prof. Smyth emphasized that off portal personalization enables mobile operators to intelligently personalize the 'invisible' 90% of off-portal content, including content catalogues, content partner sites, networked content applications and freely available Mobile Internet content.

The notion of implicit, intelligent personalization has been championed and pioneered by ChangingWorlds since the early days of WAP as the key to unlocking the potential of the Mobile Internet and associated mobile data services.

ChangingWorlds recently launched its solution for off portal personalization - ClixSmart Discovery- at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. ClixSmart Discovery uses an off-portal subscriber intelligence engine which actively monitors users' Mobile Internet browsing habits in order to analyze emerging behaviour patterns. This analysis enables mobile operators to build in-depth business intelligence on the likes and preferences of individual portal users browsing off-portal.

The intelligence gained from tracking off portal behaviour enables the personalization of Mobile Internet advertising, Mobile Internet content discovery, Mobile Internet content recommendations and intelligent Mobile Internet search.

As a Co-founder of ChangingWorlds, Prof. Smyth is a leading expert in the area of Artificial Intelligence and advanced personalization and has worked in this area for over 15 years. He has won numerous international awards for his research & development of personalization technologies and has published and presented his work widely.

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