Macfrut International

Macfrut International was designed to remedy the lack of a system approach towards the market, as this is even more serious for Italian fruit and vegetables as we move from traditional home markets. Products' chaotic and fragmented arrival on international markets represents a competitive disadvantage with respect to well organized competitors and, in many cases, the lack of such a system approach prevent our companies, even bigger ones, from entering the markets. Thus, in the framework of the trade show of Cesena, Macfrut International intends to set up a group of top Italian companies to implement internationalization projects: on the one hand inbound missions of foreign delegations during Macfrut, and, on the other, outbound missions to the most interesting foreign markets.

Macfrut sees the presence of a high number of companies working in the field of production and marketing, mainly coming from Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont regions, whereas significant areas such as Puglia, Trentino-Alto Adige, part of Sicily and Piedmont are not enough represented, despite their driving products: citrus fruit, grape and apples. In this respect, Cesena Fiera has been working hard since the beginning of 2008 to involve the most important businesses of the said territories.

The following have thus decided to take part in the initiative: Melinda, La Trentina, VOG, VIP, Sant'Orsola, Oranfrizer, Di Donna, Pignataro, Ermes. The abovementioned companies alongside the ones exhibiting at Macfrut within special areas in other halls will create the group of companies involved in the implementation of Macfrut International internationalization projects.

The new businesses will be grouped in a specifically-designed collective area with booths organized per product category. Macfrut International exhibition area will be easily identified and will cover a 300 sq.m. surface. This area will include an institutional section dedicated to Macfrut International, with secretariat and refreshment point, and clusters of areas dedicated to the companies equipped with identification boards.

The new and established companies will set up a Committee in charge of the selection of a few outbound missions to be undertaken between May 2008 and March 2009 towards priority markets, by adopting a clear and effective approach.

Simultaneously, the Committee will identify the potential inbound missions for Macfrut 2009, in order to investigate future potential markets which are not ready yet, with the overall aim of paving the way for future sound development.

Concerning trade missions, Macfrut has been working for years to identify and develop useful internationalization-enhancing instruments and a Foreign Office has been specifically set up. Moreover Macfrut is operationally supported by bodies/companies specialised in marketing. Thanks to these instruments and expertise, Macfrut can guarantee top-quality service and professionalism, while cutting costs and reducing companies' direct efforts and work.

At the beginning of March, an Italian delegation of entrepreneurs from agriculture and fruit and vegetable industries visited some areas of Brazil to "bring the two countries together", thanks to the collaboration between Macfrut-Cesena Fiera, the Department of fruit breeding of the University of Bologna and the Federal University of Pelotas (Brazil).

In mid-March, Mediterranean Fruit Company the bunch of companies involved in Italian fruit and vegetable industry internationalization, to which Cesena Fiera belongs carried out a crucial exploration mission in Japan to promote 'Made in Italy' in the Land of the Rising Sun. During Foodex Japan show, Mediterranean Fruit Company entrepreneurs have investigated opportunities for trade in the complicated Japanese market.

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