China Chongqing Global Sourcing Fair

China Chongqing Global Sourcing Fair, which is organized by Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China and Chongqing Municipal Government, has been successfully held for 5 years and boasts increasingly global influence. In 2008, China Chongqing Global Sourcing Fair will be held from May 22nd to 25th 2008 at Chongqing international convention and exhibition center.

In order to promote balanced and healthy trade development between China and foreign countries, 2008 China Chongqing Global Sourcing Fair will especially set "Import Zone", including "Overseas Suppliers Exhibition Zone", "Chinese Purchaser Zone" and "Supply Chain Service Zone" beside previous "Chinese Supply Zone" and "Overseas Purchaser Zone" with unprecedented scale.

To help participators achieving admirable substantial results, this fair will set more discussing zone for purchasers and release relating information in the website. During this fair, the "Press Release on Purchaser Information" and "Discussing Meeting for Purchasers and Suppliers" will be held. Furthermore, organizing committee will arrange specialized purchase negotiating activities for major purchasers and organize intentioned purchasers to investigate manufacturers and market on the spot.

Chongqing is the economical center of upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Chinese important modern manufacture base and comprehensive traffic hinge in Southwest China. In June 2007, the city was listed as the national synthetically reform testing district by Chinese Central Government. Presently, Chongqing enjoys increasingly influence. At the time of organizing work of the 2008 China Chongqing Global Sourcing Fair launched, we sincerely invite you and your associates to join the fair.

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