Alimentacao - International Food Exhibition

The Iberian market is the main target of the Grupo Alimentação. Exhibitions will take place between the 7th and the 10th of May. "The convergence of the senses... to make sense of your business". This is the motto that the team of the Grupo Alimentação has chosen for the 2008 edition. Between the 7th and 10th of May, EXPONOR will welcome a range of exhibitions which will be closely related to the five senses.

"We want it to be an essential stopping point for professionals in the food industry. The main target of the Grupo Alimentação, which this year emphasises the five senses, involves conquering the Iberian market. We will also be challenging the exhibitors in each of the exhibitions to highlight one aspect of the products, equipment and services they represent", comments Nuno Teixeira, director of the Grupo Alimentação.

ALIMENTAÇÃO (International Food Exhibition), GOURMET (International Exhibition of Gourmet Products), ALITEC (Food Industry Equipment Exhibition), HOTELMAQ (International Exhibition of Products and Services for the Hotel and Catering Industry), EMBALAGEM (International Converting and Packaging Exhibition), VINIPOR (Wine Exhibition) and ENOTÉCNICA (Oenology, Wine-Making, Bottling and Packaging Exhibition) are the exhibitions which make up the Grupo Alimentação. Each of the projects focuses on a certain type of product, equipment and service, but all revolve around the Food sector. "They are parts of a whole which aims to attract prescribers, decision-makers and those in charge of retail units, among others", adds Nuno Teixeira.

The first edition of Alimentação dates back to 1965, in the Palácio de Cristal, organised by the then Porto Industrial Association. The exhibition evolved, became more modern, and kept pace with the developments in the food industry and the changing times. Quality will be in the spotlight in the 2008 edition.

In contrast with the long-life of Alimentação, we draw special attention to the young GOURMET exhibition, in its second edition. The idea is to recover food products which maintain their original production techniques and characteristics and which delight the taste buds of those who appreciate refinement and good taste. Thus, refinement and tradition will be in the limelight.

Equally recent, going on to its third edition, we must mention the next edition of EMBALAGEM. "Process Innovation" is the challenge set for 2008. To give value to the product for the end consumer, making it practical for those who use it and preserving quality are crucial characteristics of the products which these exhibitors will present.

ALITEC and HOTELMAQ share the same focus: functionalism. ALITEC will focus on presenting the latest proposals in equipment and technologies for food production. To equip manufacturers and professionals in the food sector for new challenges, to endow them with the ability to become more efficient – these are the day-to-day concerns of companies which will come to this exhibition to display their equipment.

Similar to ALITEC, HOTELMAQ is designed for all companies that have equipment, products and services which allow this channel to present a top quality and efficient service, a service worthy of the five-star category, though its main focus is the supply for the HORECA channel.

Lastly, tradition and innovation meet at the VINIPOR/ENOTÉCNICA exhibitions. Encompassing products, equipment and services with strong ties between them, these exhibitions aim to become the "Demarked Area" where professionals in the field of viticulture and oenology can meet.

Reserved exclusively for professionals in the food sector, the Grupo Alimentação will take place from Wednesday to Saturday, between 10 am and 7 pm. We also anticipate a series of parallel events with a high (in)formative value and a strong capacity to lure sector professionals. At present, we can already announce the EGI – SOCIEDADE DE ENGENHARIA E GESTÃO DA QUALIDADE INDUSTRIAL – initiative, which will involve a training session in the field of food for exhibitors of the Group.

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