"Alpitec" and "Prowinter" will once again open their doors in Bolzano from April 9 to 11, 2008. Thus just two weeks after Easter, the tradeshow duo will lead off the large-scale European winter tradeshows, offering the ideal platform for professional exchanges to all experts in winter sports, winter technologies, and winter tourism. "Alpitec" will once again provide the international update for current ski area technology, while "Prowinter" will cover topics ranging from modern rental and service infrastructures through what's in with sports and winter holiday trends.

With the first parallel event, the two winter technology and winter sports tradeshows already proved themselves: the combination is a great draw. With nearly 150 exhibitors, the 5th edition of "Alpitec" managed to clearly assert its position as an important biennial meeting of the sector in the Eastern Alps. And it did so in spite of the new schedule in the spring that was arranged on short notice. For the equippers' tradeshow "Prowinter" that had been taking place annually, the sixth edition with 287 exhibitors was likewise a significant success.

A total of nearly 9,500 experts visited the double tradeshow. Even in its preliminary stages, this consolidation was already being acknowledged as innovative. And in the opinion survey of visitors, it received a thoroughly positive echo with more than 80% approval. That was reason enough to establish the "two-pack" in a two-year rhythm as a fixed component of Bolzano's tradeshow program after "Prowinter" once again provided a resounding "solo" performance (in April 2007, with 226 exhibitors and 4, 648 visitors).

And once again in the coming year, the Bolzano Exhibition Center will continue with its successful concept: a single admission for two clearly structured tradeshow areas. That offers space for the concentrated attention to customers by specialized experts while at the same time effectively setting up exhibitors whose offer is tailored simultaneously to several circles of interested parties among visitors from the field.

Examples include slope protection, provisions for ski schools, clothing for personnel, advertising service providers, manufacturers of ski service/storage equipment for cable car operations, and athletic businesses. The arranging of the two tradeshow areas that are directly adjacent to each other and which comprise a total of 22, 000 sq. m. or 237, 000 sq. ft. (Alpitec with 8, 000 sq. m. or 86, 000 sq. ft. and "Prowinter" with 14, 000 sq. m. or 151, 000 sq. ft.) will take place after the official close of registration in February 2008. The overwhelming majority of exhibitors from each of the last two events have already announced their participation.

It can thus already be seen today that "Alpitec" 2008 will once again cover all of the classic areas of winter technology. In addition to cable cars and chair lifts, snowmaking technology, and slope grooming equipment, smaller snowgoing vehicles and four-season vehicles will be on display, as will machinery solutions for snow clearing and summer maintenance. The offering by exhibitors is rounded out by guest management with admissions control and service administration, communications and information technologies, and the area of slope safety and rescue.

In view of the undiminished attractiveness of the local market, the organizers are also expecting a strong international presence for 2008 as well (in 2006, exhibitors represented 14 different countries). In both this area and on the part of visitors, though, the first effects of the strong involvement of South Tyrolean companies with the Chinese market will be evident for the first time, as the 2007-2008 season there experiences a new highpoint with the opening of that country's "first European ski area".

In addition to delegations from the Far East, experts from the core European winter countries will in any case make up the majority of the visitors from the sector. For the first time, "Alpitec/Prowinter" 2008 will only take place "during the week" (Monday to Friday) and thus will be even more dedicated to a professional public involved in the industry.

The discriminating schedule of events including informative conferences, showy demonstrations, and productive meetings within the sector has long been the hallmark of Bolzano's winter tradeshow. And "Alpitec/Prowinter" 2008 will certainly not be an exception. In addition to meetings of different associations of operators and ski instructors, the dates of which are set during the course of the autumn, the tradeshow will once provide space for numerous honors to be bestowed upon successful companies or prominent personalities from the worlds of business and sports.

The subjects and schedule of the "Alpitec/Prowinter" Conference are already known. This specialized and informative highlight will be organized for next year in cooperation with the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Community of Bolzano, the South Tyrol Department of Cable Cars, and the Curatorship of Technical Cultural Heritage. During the first part of each day (9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.) on all three days of the tradeshow, top quality international speakers will deal with current issues on the overall topic of "Cable Cars as the Engine of Worldwide Development of Mountains".

In addition to a short overview of one hundred years of history in South Tyrol's passenger cable cars, concrete development concepts will be presented for skiing regions and ski areas. At the forefront will be not only the consequences of climate change, but also societal changes that must be met with new approaches in service and selection. The close connection to cable car practice will insure first-hand presentations of modern transport solutions and spectacular projects and realizations that are absolutely current.

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