International Lighting Industry Trade Fair - EXPOLUX

Expolux brings together the most important industries in the lighting sector. Event is part of the International Construction and Lighting Week in São Paulo, which takes place between 8th-12th April at Anhembi, in São Paulo. With support from the sector's main body, ABILUX, and from SINDILUX (São Paulo State Lamps, Electrical Fittings and Lighting Industries Trade Union), the event will bring together some 130 exhibitors that will present many new products and ideas for the lighting industry. Aimed at architects, lighting project designers, interior decorators, electrical and construction material retailers, building constructors and developers and other professionals from the sector EXPOLUX serves the lighting, decoration, commercial, industrial, public, scenic and emergency sectors.

It also has lighting panels, illuminated signs, leds, lamps in general, reactors, igniters, transformers, circuit breakers, fuses, electrical wires and cables, switches, plugs, electrical installation control panels, acoustic, decorative and thermal ceiling linings, components for the lighting industry, cable ducting, cable conduit, technical publications, software and auxiliary services.

"We believe that this edition of EXPOLUX will get greater exposure because it's returned to Anhembi, along with FEICON BATIMAT (16th International Construction Industry Trade Fair), creating the International Construction and Lighting Week in São Paulo", explains Jair Saponari, events' director.

According to Carlos Eduardo Uchôa Fagundes, President of ABILUX, "Because of the Expolux exhibition, the expectation is that the companies taking part will have a 15% increase in business".

Participating companies are promising to bring hundreds of new product launches to Expolux that range from chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling lights, recessed wall lights, pendants and wall lamps to reactors. Among the exhibitors are Philips, Osram do Brasil, Lumicenter, Bronzearte, Serra Dimlux, Sylvania, Ornare, Tupy Iluminação, Bella Luce, Interlight and Blumenox.
The Brazilian lighting industry, which today employees 50,700 workers, is responsible for making lamps, starters, reactors, igniters, transformers and components for the lighting and decorative lights industry. On average the companies are around 20 years old and most of them are located in the Greater São Paulo area (58%), followed by the State of Sao Paulo, with 17%. The other 25% are divided between the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Pernambuco.

According to Abilux, of the 604 companies, 23% work with residential lighting, 18% with commercial lighting and 13% with industrial lighting. As for size, 38% are micro and small companies, 27% medium-sized and 18% are considered to be major producers.

During EXPOLUX, visitors will be able to visit the Design Show, where products that were classified in the Abilux Corporate Design Prize in the categories Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Public lighting and Lighting for Monuments will be on display. A Special Prize for Energy Conservation will be presented to the product with the best energy saving performance in line with its technical features and its application. The Show will be on the Abilux stand on Street 0 20 in the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion.

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