The Madrid International Car Show

The Madrid International Car Show has begun organising its seventh edition, which will take place between 22nd May and 1st June 2008, based on the renewed support of the two main associations within the industry, ANFAC (Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers) and ANIACAM (Spanish Automobile and Trucks Importers Association). In this respect, this new edition has heightened the levels of interest and expectation among the vehicles makes, who regard this event as an ideal forum for promoting their image and launching their latest and most spectacular new features.

The Madrid International Car Show has gone from strength to strength in recent years, having achieved some outstanding levels of business representation, as well as being highly popular with the general public. The year 2006 edition, which presented a total of 14 world-wide unveilings and 3 European unveilings, exceeded the figure of one million visitors for the first time and featured the participation of 48 makes (practically all of the large international automobile companies), along with 193 companies from the industry.

Although these figures place the Madrid International Car Show in an excellent position, they also represent a future challenge for the fair's organisers. In order to successfully tackle this challenge, the fair is working intensely in order to create a high-quality event for the participating makes, both in terms of the initiatives that are designed for the fair and the services that are made available to exhibitors, offering them an added-value dimension. In this respect, a series of tailor-made measures are being created that adapt to the needs and demands of the different makes, effectively matching the intense media presence and coverage that is witnessed each year at the Madrid International Car Show

Furthermore, the Show will once again enjoy the support of Carlos Sainz, in his capacity as Chairman of the Organising Committee. The famous Spanish rally pilot has shown a considerable degree of interest and involvement in all organisational and representational aspects relating to the Car Show. In this respect, his contribution has been essential in terms of boosting the image and prestige of the Madrid Car Show at an international level.

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