Biotech China

Biotech China will showcase again in Shanghai International Exhibition Center (INTEX) on 28 - 30 May, 2008 . The professional experience we accumulated is a fortune for us to build an international platform for exchange.

A 1,000 square meters International Pavilion including the Germany National Pavilion with near 300 square meters will be seen as the highlight of 2008, which brings us the cutting-edge technology and innovation in the spectrum of Biotechnology and equipment to catch up world's first-level research.

Due to the huge demand of booth in Area B, some exhibitors was absent in 2007. The organizers have determined to layout more booths in this area to meet the needs. At the same time, the bond booths have been transferred for the domestic companies to promote more products in a larger booth and lower price. If you decide to book such bond booths, please contact us as soon as possible.

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