ProWein - The World’s Important Wine and Spirits Tade Exhibition

ProWein, the world's most important wine and spirits trade exhibition held annually in Duesseldorf, Germany, enjoys its international renown as a trend-setting show and impulse-giver in large part to the broad pallette of activities and events held in conjunction with the exhibition itself. These diverse happenings are open to all 32,000 attendees expected at this year's ProWein 2008, March 16th – 18th, 2008. Given that the world's wine experts in all aspects of production and marketing, merchandising, in both the wine and spirits trades are present presenting lectures and demonstrations, leading forums and discussions, and can be personally addressed, it is no wonder that attendees return year after year.

With some 200 seminars, tasting sessions and top-quality lectures by international experts and famous wine-world personalities holding forth of vital trade topics, the auxilliary activities are as important to ProWein's success as the presentation of products. This year is no different.

Indeed, one of the major exhibitors, Pfalzwein e.V, the Association of Rhineland-Palatinate Producers, will devote an entire seminar to "Truffles and Pfaelzer (Palatine) Wine." The well-known consumer magazine WEINWELT (Wine World) will conducts tastings of of Asti DOCG wines including Moscato d'Asti in combinations with sweet and spicy delicacies.

"Whisky and Chocolate" combinations will be presented at the GEV Wholesalers Association of the Wine & Spirit Trade. A lecture sponsored by the Wine Growers Association of Saxony highlights which of ist wines tastes best with the famed Saxonian baked trademark-treat - Stollen – a dry log-shaped cake which can come in many flavors with various fillings and/or icings

These are but the highlights of a broader series of matchings open to all attendees. Equally challenging will be the events revolving about the the hottest topic in the wine world today – "Bio wines" – those wines. Cultivated and produced in accordance with strict, environmentally rigorous standards.

The European Club of Bio-Wineries will present a tasting of its wines from six of ist most renowned wineries. The leading German consumer wine publication VINUM, and its publishing house will Give a lecture-demonstraton under the title "Bio Booms in Austria." Cellarmaster Martin Eller will share his knowledge and provide insights into his work at the famed Christmann Winery, one of Germany's top bio wineries, just to name a few of the many other events regarding this hot topic.

One of ProWein's most distinguishing features is its international tasting zone where virtually a thousand wines are placed for individual tasting, enabling any attendee to discover growing areas, producers and wines previously unknown, all at his or her leisure.

Virtually every participating wine-producing nation, some 45 in all, and their dozens, if not scores, of growing areas will be providing all manner of information, at tastings and demonstrations, presenting their wine, augmenting their exhibition presentions at their individual stands.

Countries included among others are host nation Germany with all of its 13 appellations; Europe's established wine nations Italy, France, Portugal, and Spain; and, Greece, as well as re-emerging producers Hungary and Georgia. International overseas main-players Australia, New Zealand, South and North America -– Canada as well as the United States - and wines from the Levant as well as central and western Asia and the Pacific.

Among other notable presentations will be those of the major publishers of wine and spirits related periodicals which are certainly to be recommended: The Meiniger publishing group event, "Wine's Way to World-wide Success." Which will be held on ProWein 2008 Monday, March 17th, 2008, in the Convention/Congress Center CCD. South at the Duesseldorf Fair Grounds.

A series of lectures will present information regarding the actual global wine market aand will provide insights into wine's future in our societal value system. In addition, the American wine critic
David Schildknecht, known for his expertise on German wines, will address Riesling's world-wide significance.

The VINUM Publishing House entices ProWein 2008 attendees to an interesting demonstration series as well, namely, a moderated discussion on " German Wines in the Post-Liebfraumilch Era, " to be held on ProWein Tuesday, March 18th, 2008.

ProWein 2008 will be the forum for Sommelier Magazine to salute three new, young sommeliers for their extraordinary sensory capabilities and recognizing their accomplishments.

The series of lectures provided by the VDP – Germany Association of premium Wine Growers and Wineries – will extend ist "WWW" talks (The Wine Word Exchange) with various topics including "The New Power Generation" featuring members of the ‚up-and-coming' generation in conversation with author Stuart Pigott. Another VDP topic will present Sybille Herbst, sommelière at the renowned Ketschauer Hof Restaurant in Deidesheim, Rhineland-Palatinate. She will speak on "The Evolution and Future Market for Aromatic Grape Varietals"

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