The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo

Regarded as one of the premier environmental business-toconsumer events in North America, EPIC: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo (April 18 - 20, 2008 at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre) celebrates and showcases leading companies who care about the consumer, and the community, as well as the planet.

EPIC draws together a myriad of companies that focus on social and ecological sustainability, giving Vancouver consumers choices that can help sustain their lifestyles while at the same time sustaining the environment.

Produced by the world-renowned GLOBE Foundation, EPIC will feature the latest in fashion, technology, transportation, food, and home style. The event's Main Stage will feature a variety of experts in sustainability and "doing the little things" as well as sustainable fashion shows.

EPIC is a solution based, hands-on, family oriented event designed to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about Sustainable Living Practices, Renewable Energy, Environmental & Social Responsibility, Natural Health, Green Building, Alternative Vehicles, Organic Agriculture, Local Economies and more.

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