IIC-China Conference & Exhibition 2008

TriQuint Semiconductor, a RF semiconductor manufacturer and foundry services provider, today announced the release of its newest filter for high-speed wideband cable television digital tuner applications.

The filter, built using a newly developed proprietary technique, has enabled CATV tuner, baseband and set-top box (STB) manufacturers to build smaller, high performance DOCSIS 3.0-based high-speed cable modems. These modems are optimized for faster data transfer including advanced services such as video on demand (VOD).

TriQuint believes this filter is a first-of-its-kind development in the digital tuner/cable market since previous application-specific filters at the same center frequency offered half the fractional bandwidth of TriQuint's new device. This breakthrough technology is a result of close cooperation between TriQuint's research, product development and manufacturing teams as well as other industry leaders.

"Using a SAW filter for the 1st IF stage in our tuner design was a critical step to achieving a design that can ramp quickly to high volumes, " said Carey Ritchey, Director of Broadband Systems, Microtune, Inc.

"Our positive working relationship has produced key DOCSIS 3.0 technology that, when integrated into cable modems, permits service providers to offer bandwidth-hungry consumers ultra-fast cable telecommunications services."

TriQuint's new surface acoustic wave (SAW) intermediate frequency (IF) filter was introduced in Shenzhen, China today during the 13th Annual International IC-China Conference and Exhibition.

Each year this event introduces the latest advancements in electronics engineering to manufacturers and suppliers in major cities across China. The 2008 event is being held February 28 to March 11 in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai.

The DOCSIS 3.0 specification, the fourth generation of the cable industry's data over cable service interface application specification, was created to enable faster two-way movement of large data files over conventional hybrid fiber coax (HFC) cable.

The new specification was also designed to help cable service operators compete effectively with other broadband, high-speed systems such as DSL (digital subscriber line) access, IP over Satellite (IPoS) links or optical fiber-based systems.

Delivering faster two-way access over the HFC cable required new generations of digital tuners that in turn required advanced filter technology. TriQuint believes that it is the first to satisfy this demand with an economical, SAW-based solution.

"TriQuint's new DOCSIS 3.0-based SAW filter gives us the necessary performance and cost metrics to develop a compelling solution for both our high-speed data chipset and our TeraPIX Video Processor, " said BroadLogic Director of Product Marketing, Giri Venkant.

Manufacturers and cable service providers are already touting hardware and service enhancements designed to take advantage of DOCSIS 3.0 network capabilities. At CES - the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, a consortium of equipment manufacturers and US cable operators announced the tru2wayTM platform as a means to offer consumers easy access to high-definition service, video on demand (VOD) and two-way, interactive features.

"Industry consortiums supporting access through tru2wayTM technology and devices like TriQuint's new DOCSIS 3 IF SAW filter are making high speed, two-way television a reality, proof that growth in the digital TV market in China and around the world is continuing, " remarked Mr Lin.

"TriQuint's DOCSIS 3 IF SAW filter is a breakthrough product. This new device, together with our complete portfolio of RF power transistors, amplifiers, switches and filters for telecommunications, help us simplify connectivity for customers through an extensive, application-targeted product line. Those same techniques are now being used to design products for other applications which require wider bandwidths."

TriQuint's new IF SAW filter (p/n 856653) for DOCSIS 3.0 digital CATV systems is now sampling and shipping worldwide to major digital tuner and STB manufacturers. It is available in China through TriQuint offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai and throughout all of China by Avnet Asia Pacific.

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