The Water, Energy Technology and Environment Exhibition

Axial Vector Engine Corporation announced that the company's finished production units will be presented at the Water, Energy Technology and Environment Exhibition ("WETEX") 2008 in Dubai, March 11-13, 2008. Ahmed Khalifa, Acting CEO stated, "WETEX is the perfect choice for our long awaited rollout of our finished units and beginning of our order taking for our 200 KW units. This ability to 'join' up to five units, creating one megawatt of on demand low cost power, deliverable anywhere using the first true multi-fuel system, will definitely be a big hit at this year's event."

World power demand for this size portable power is thousands of megawatts short each year. Coupled with world oil process hovering at such high levels. Our research and analysis indicates that AVEC is able to net several cents per kilowatt-hour produced. This potential new stream of cash flow will further strengthen the AVEC balance sheet.

EICA Managing Director, Arash Masom had the following comment, "Through WETEX, EICA is able to formally introduce the revolutionary product line of AVEC to the Middle East. It must be remembered that once the prototype generator is revealed, then so too are all the newly designed parts that make up this newly designed power and control system. It is truly an unveiling of a whole product line and not just a generator."

WETEX 2008 is an important regional resourcing platform for national and international companies to access wide range of latest technology and management solutions. This event also provides avenue for industry leaders to keep abreast of the latest developments in the Gulf region in the field of Water, Energy and Environment, as well to network and tie up with strategic partners to pursue innovative solutions.

Dubai as a Freeport, topmost commercial hub and show window for the Gulf region, exclusive multi-market platform to present your excellence to the highly discerning and patronizing clientele of Gulf market.

WETEX 2008 will hold the convergence of Decision-makers, representatives from Government Organizations, Policy markers, Trade associations and Chamber of Commerce around the world.

Axial Vector(TM) Engine Corporation is a publicly traded company (OTC Pink Sheets: AXVC) that owns, develops and licenses proprietary intellectual property regarding unique internal combustion engine technologies. AVEC is applying these technologies to develop an exciting, new, smaller and lighter internal combustion engine that produces significantly greater horsepower and three times more torque on less fuel than conventional engines of similar size.

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