The Thailand International Furniture Fair 2008 or TIFF 2008

M.L. Kathathong Thongyai, Director, Product Development Center, the Department of Export Promotion (DEP), the Ministry of Commerce, revealed that, "The Thailand International Furniture Fair 2008 or TIFF 2008, scheduled to take place between March 12th-16th, 2008, promises to showcase not only a most fascinating range of furniture items from Thailand, but also, a variety of innovative furniture design ideas. The event will also provide an opportunity for Thai furniture designers to learn about the design trends that have become very much in demand by consumers, and will therefore help to stimulate the Thai furniture design business as a whole."

At this event, visitors will benefit from 'Design in Thailand', a special exhibition created to foster further development in Thai furniture design. Here, furniture designers, entrepreneurs and visitors will meet and exchange their views on furniture design trends both in Thailand and beyond. The exhibition comprises three major zones.

1. 'Furniture Natural', an inspirational exhibition featuring furniture designs from budding designers from the 2008 Furniture Designers Development Program

2. Hotel Qualia', an exhibition featuring furniture designs from an in-depth research on Thai furniture in Japan in 2008. Highlights of the exhibition are lifestyle furniture items ideal for modern homes and boutique hotels. Truly a great exhibition not to be missed by hotel designers, home lovers, architects and interior designers.

3. 'Design Circle', an all-in-one place where you can find simply everything you need regarding furniture product development service. Visitors will have a chance to make business connections with leading furniture exporters and importers. The booth is divided into three zones 'Independent Designers', 'Design Firms' and 'Design Institutes'.

"The 'Design in Thailand' exhibition is one of the many highlights not to be missed at the TIFF 2008 event. It is aimed to be a platform for furniture designers, entrepreneurs and visitors to meet and exchange their design ideas, for future development of the Thai furniture design business.", added M.L. Kathathong.

M.L. Kathathong further noted that, "We are encouraging Thai furniture entrepreneurs to create their own brands, rather than to remain simply OEMs for other brands. If we have our own furniture brands that are world-famous, naturally, our products will enjoy much greater sales quantity and value.

We are also focusing on adjusting our marketing strategies to increase the market value for Thai furniture products. This can be achieved through an emphasis on distinctive, unmistakable quality and design, as well as, on offering value-added service such as interior design service, which will enable our furniture products to complement the modern lifestyle of our consumers even more."

The 'Design in Thailand' exhibition will be open at the Thailand International Furniture Fair 2008 or TIFF 2008. The event is scheduled to take place between March 12th-16th, 2008, at Challenger 2-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. The first three days, March 12th-14th, will be open for trade negotiations, and the last two days, March 15th-16th, will be for public retailing.

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