The Seventh Edition of Metef-Foundeq

The seventh edition of Metef-Foundeq, the international exhibition of machine tools and products for aluminium and metals, planned for 9-12 April 2008 at the Centro Fiera del Garda di Montichiari was introduced to the press.

At the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in Milan, representatives of Edimet, the event organiser, and of the associations and institutions which for years have collaborated to produce Metef's success alternated their presentations about the interesting background of the metals industry and recycling in particular, sectors that currently fully identify themselves with the exhibition in Brescia.

Gianfranco Tosini of the Aib (Brescian Industrial Association) Economy Department and Studies Centre (Settore Economia e Centro Studi) and representative of Confindustria in Lombardy, clearly described the characteristics, advantages and uses of non-ferrous metals, noting that 45% of all companies and employees involved in the non-ferrous industry are located in Lombardy. The data relative to the concentration of copper production and semifinished metals in Brescia is significant. Thus Brescia represents the first production centre of these materials in Italy.

The presentation by Cesare Coccia, president of Assomet was pointed as he emphasized the intense communication activity the aluminium sector must engage in outside the sector, including initiatives like Metef, because of the many issues the field has to cope with.

Coccia noted that "the maintenance of a strategic industry like non-ferrous metals is essential for the entire metal working and mechanical engineering sector. But to obtain this result, the entire metallurgical chain must be able to access the material factors of production under the same terms with respect to international competitors. Interventions are necessary to restore equal operating conditions so as to avoid, in the medium term, the dismantling of the base metals industry from the national industrial chain.

Otherwise, in a few years there is a risk of becoming dependent on foreign countries as has already occurred for some products, for example metallurgical coke, regarding which Italy adopted policies that led to no longer being self-sufficient and thereby putting at risk the steel production which depends on it."

This strategic choice met with the ready support of institutions and companies that together with Metef share the attention of a sector that constitutes one of the cornerstones of the local and national economy summarised yesterday by Aristide Peli, vice president of the Province of Brescia.

"Brescian businesses, through Metef, have the opportunity to contribute to the development of themes tied to energy and the environment in a sustainable way because the future of our metallurgical industry is also tied to the identification and development of alternative methodologies of energy production, for which Brescia – I think in particular photovoltaic - is among the top at the European level. For example, 40% of the production of energy from photovoltaic in the Lombardy region is concentrated in our Province."

"Environmental sustainability: From planning to recycling" was the title of the presentation given by Gino Schiona, General Manager of Cial, who explained how, next to the technical, functional, and design aspects, the environmental variable enters into play in an ever more diffuse manner with the use of recycled and recyclable materials. "Ecodesign, or design for environment, is the principle on which 'responsible' planning is based and which takes into consideration the end of life of the product in order to facilitate the phases of disassembly of the various components and materials to start up recycling."

In closing, Mario Bertoli, President of Metef, mentioned the great value of events such as the exhibition in Montichiari in the valorisation of Made in Italy, as they provide strong support to Italian companies for a greater and more effective presence in the international market. This force is reflected through the entire chain from raw materials to the end product, to which Metef is giving ever greater attention. Because metal is in our daily life, it is found in cars, electrical appliances, boats, furnishings… and a valorisation of the sector cannot avoid directing more attention toward the finished product.

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