The Fitness Industry and Sports Facilities Show

More than 190 companies from the gym equipment, machinery and accessory sectors will present their latest technological and design ideas at FITNESS ´08, the Fitness Industry and Sports Facilities Show, which will stage its twelfth edition between 27th and 30th March in Halls 6 and 8 at Feria de Madrid.

This Show´s impressive exhibition of new features under the heading of machinery will be complemented by new ideas from the leading companies in fitness fashion, nutrition and beauty. In short, the Show will present the very best showcase for the industry, enabling professionals to keep up to date with new developments in physical well-being and fitness.

CEFAR COMPEX is a company that specialises in electro-stimulation. This company will attend FITNESS with two new launches, featuring an optional Muscle Intelligence device. The first product is known as Energy mi-Ready, a complete muscle electro-stimulator aimed at the general public, which responds to users´ needs by means of 263 programs divided into 3 categories - sport, health and beauty - and 3 working levels. Users can choose from among 7 parts of the body to be stimulated.

The second product is called Performance mi-Ready and features an extensive range of programmes divided into 7 categories (warm-up, sport, fitness, body sculpt, recovery, anti-pain and rehabilitation) and 5 working levels, in addition to offering a choice from among 7 parts of the body to be stimulated. This new electro-stimulator is specially designed for sportsmen who wish to enhance their physical performance and complete their muscular development.

Both products are aimed at demanding users, who consider physical exercise to be an important part of their daily lives. Thanks to their advanced technology, which is backed by more than 30 years´ experience within the medical and sporting field, these machines are able to serve as authentic personal trainers. Furthermore, their reduced size, ergonomic design, intuitive handling and lightweight appeal make them the perfect choice for those who wish to stay in shape wherever they may be.

The new machines from BH_HIPOWER enable this company to keep pace with the constant developments required within the field of sport. On this occasion, the company will attend the fair with three new features. The first, known as X320PC TOTAL ABDOMINAL, is a machine that enables the user to work the lower and upper abdominal muscles at the same time. The 4mm-thick structure with anti-rust priming is highly resistant, offering the ideal equipment for the most demanding sportsmen. As a second new feature, we will come across the new DUKE H920 Indoor Cycling model. Among its many interesting characteristics, we might mention this product´s aggressive aesthetic appeal. Thus, a mere look at the model makes the user want to give all he has got when using the bike. We might also mention its powerful 20 Kg inertia wheel.

Finally, the Sport Koncept line consists of the latest-generation machines for cardiovascular exercises, such as treadmills, vertical bikes, reclined bikes, elliptical trainers and stair simulators. Each kind of machine is available in two versions: one with a VFD monitor without television and another with a high-definition TFT screen that integrates television into the console itself.

The company, REDIPRO, will present KRF, a new brand that will be launched onto the market with different product lines. Among them, we might highlight Feel the Enemy, consisting of a series of special designs for practising personal defence. The collection consists of gloves, helmets, protective gear, bags, shin pads, trousers, dressing gowns, footwear and belts. The materials employed are of the highest quality and are aimed at both experts and beginners within the sport. These creations are highly modern and full of colour.

PROEQUIP VAP will attend FITNESS 2008 with the latest in pre-fabricated steam baths, combining diverse materials such as ceramics, slate and marble. The company also works with thermo-shaped methacrylate, an extremely hygienic material, as well as incorporating the latest technology: aromatherapy, chromotherapy, music therapy, anatomic loungers, ergonomic seats, etc.

Furthermore, it offers individualised specialist advice regarding the construction of the cabin, adapting its products to every need. Among its latest new features, we might mention the heated lounger or hot bed, which incorporates an interior heating system that ensures a constant and uniform temperature that is normally set between 35º and 40º C. This product features a thermostat with an entirely independent system consisting of a series of replaceable electrical resistances. This means there is no need to lift the slab surface should the equipment break down. This treatment can be followed by a session in a steam bath, hydrotherapy or sauna, thus intensifying the sensation of well-being provided by these therapies.

SANDALIAS DUPÉ will introduce FITNESS to a veritable revolution under the heading of informal footwear. Dupé is currently the second most important company in Brazil regarding the production of rubber sandals, featuring models that stand out for their innovative design, comfort and quality. Furthermore, the company launches more than twelve collections onto the market each year. Both Dupé Sandals for adults and Dupezinho, which are aimed at children, stand out for their original designs, in line with the latest fashion trends. The company´s variety of models is extremely extensive, in which respect consumers are guaranteed to find exactly what they are looking for.

The most outstanding characteristics of these attractive sandals include their classic two-strap concept, their anatomic textured insole and the incorporation of the new HXP Gel, an ergonomic system that consists of a special cushion situated at the tip of the heel that generates a sense of relaxation throughout the entire body. In spite of the simplicity of their design, these sandals are the result of the company´s strong investment in R&D and the company´s use of the latest technology during the manufacturing process.

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