Top Conferences The Day Before IWA & OutdoorClassics 2008

Law enforcement experts from many official agencies meet for an international exchange of views for the third time the day before IWA & OutdoorClassics on 13 March 2008. The two conferences focus on scientific studies on the use of firearms and experiences with management tools and operational equipment. A new feature in 2008 is the five-part practical training offered for participants at the European Policetrainer Conference on the first day of IWA, Friday, 14 March 2008.

The Policetrainers in Germany Association (PiD) in cooperation with NürnbergMesse is organizing the third European Policetrainer Conference at IWA on Thursday, 13 March 2008. International scientists, legal experts and police practicians speak on the subject of personal safety. A new feature in the IWA anniversary year is the five-part practical training on "Competence under Extreme Stress", which takes place on the first day of the exhibition. Talks on topics such as "Decision-Making Under Fire", "Police Foot Pursuit" and "Tactical Emergency Medicine Support in the United States" (the experiences of a doctor and SWAT member) provide the theoretical basis on the conference day.

The 5-part practical training on the second day is a sensible extension of this basis and prepares participants for tasks such as arresting a determined suspect.

Detailed information about the talks and practical training is available at venue is the Tokio hall in CongressCenter Ost. The talks are simultaneously translated into German and English. Admission is restricted solely to representatives of official agencies (proof of eligibility is required).

The Technical Institute of the Police Management Academy is also holding its conference on "Guns and Equipment" the day before IWA & OutdoorClassics. Here agency representatives report on their experiences with management tools and operational equipment. The participants at the event are mainly representatives from the state and federal police forces and staff from other official agencies (customs, German army) and test institutes. Colleagues from other countries such as Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands are also guests in Nürnberg.

Information about participation, schedule and programme is obtainable from the Police Management Academy. The venue is the St. Petersburg room in CongressCenter Ost.

Exhibitors at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2008 also present specific products from the law enforcement segment in the foyer of the conference rooms, where participants at both conferences can source information about the latest product developments.

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