Texas Association Of School Business Conference And Exhibition

Green Edge Systems, Inc., a trusted leader of real time energy savings, predictive maintenance and temperature monitoring and control solutions, presents its GreenGuard state-of-the-art hardware products, software and communication platforms in the Texas Association Of School Business Officials Conference And Exhibition, Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX, March 5-6, 2008 with PCS.

The hardware products are comprised of wireless, wired and stand-alone low cost monitoring and control products, making it affordable to any size campus. Two way communications with the sensors allow automated control of devices to optimize the use of energy according to utility prices, utilizing peak load shaving and reacting on demand response signals.

The dashboard software platform utilizes advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools that allow dynamic energy management, maintenance and temperature monitoring in one integrated system. Integration with existing wireless and wired monitoring systems that are already in use by the customer is possible.

The platform allows implementation of demand response, peak shaving, Carbon-Trade and other current and future energy efficiency, energy savings and greenhouse gas incentive-based programs.

Initial energy and maintenance savings are about 20 percent with the ultimate target of 40 percent savings. First year's savings are much higher than the initial investment. The communication and management platform allow the addition of future energy saving systems.

The GreenGuard wireless Zigbee sensors use Ember's chip and Ember ZNet PRO networking software platform, which supports the ZigBee PRO Feature Set, to communicate with ZigBee-enabled devices.

The system interfaces the network with load control devices, enabling efficient management energy consumption during peak load demands, among its many other intelligent applications. The bi-directional system also continuously measures and displays active energy delivered, letting customers see where, when and how energy is being consumed.

Ember's technology is integrated in smart meters that support time-of-use pricing, load profile data and other advanced features required for "Smart Grid" initiatives, such as California's Title 24 regulations aimed at modernizing the electric grid to reduce peak demand.

Visitors at the conference will be able to view the dashboard software that monitors the energy savings, predictive maintenance, temperature monitoring and the various elements of the GreenGuard sensor platform.

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