The 7th Annual San Francisco New Living Expo

Explore the infinite potential for creativity, healing, imagination and the capacity to reshape our world and ourselves at The 7th Annual San Francisco New Living Expo, taking place April 2527 at the Concourse Exhibition Center.

Improve your health, build better relationships, learn ways to live greener, choose a new career path and discover the latest in mind/body therapies. One low admission price is your VIP passport to 100 renowned speakers and 300 exhibits sharing natural health products, holistic body therapies, tools for expanding consciousness, intuitive arts, a bookstore, delicious and healthy foods and more.

Workshop presenters include: Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple), Jim Hightower (Thieves In High Places, Kevin Ryerson (Spirit Communication: The Soul's Path,, Viktoras Kulvinskas (Survival into the 21st Century; Planetary Healers Manual,, Dannion Brinkley (The Secrets of the Light,, Kathleen and Gay Hendricks (The Relationship Solution,, Master Sha (Divine Blessings,, Gabriel Cousens (, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center), Norm Shealy (Life Beyond 100, and many more.

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