Exhibition of Children’s Paintings

The NWFP Wildlife Department will organise the first ever exhibition of children's paintings on wildlife in Pakistan on February 27 and 28. The exhibition will display paintings made during a contest organised by the Wildlife Department across all schools in Peshawar for students of Class 1 up to 10.

The painting competition was held at three levels. Level 1 comprised of students from classes 1 to 4, level 2 included students from classes 5 to 7 while level 3 consisted of students form classes 8 to 10. The themes for painting for level 1, 2 and 3 were Birds and Animals; I love Wildlife; and Threats to Wildlife and Biodiversity, respectively.

A total of 16 schools participated in the competition and the department received over 300 posters. Paintings were evaluated and ranked by Fine Arts Department and Wildlife Department. The exhibition will be held at NWFP Wildlife Department, Forest Offices Shami Road, Peshawar.

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